Yokomo YZ-834B wheels from pargu

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0 on May 7, 2013
my favorite wheels for 834B are Hot Laps Super Aero wheels since when the wheels came at ’86 or ’87 i remember.
and pargu made these aluminum wheels after the original and custom works wheels. you can buy the wheels from his store ( http://www.pargustore.com ) or through ebay
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  • en NIKE x SACAI mid blazer


    Detailed look at the Sacai X Nike Blazer

    new shoes with shoes added to them

    it looks a little messy, but it stands out even more through those perfect color combinations

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  • en I Designed fashion magazine and mockup just for fun

  • i think i use too much bold :/

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  • ko TRAMAG transformer


    이건 진짜 대박임

    앰프 잡음이 사라졌어요.

    아끼는 앰프 운용하는 사람들은 필수템이네요.


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  • en The five principles: Wisdom of the Axial Age

  • These five principles form the foundation of just about every major religion and philosophical system which emerged in that incredible span of years from the 8th to the 3rd century BCE called the Axial Age when Taoism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, Classic Greek Philosophy, and Christianity all flowered in the same time period. Why? Simple, it is because they are universal and when put into active practice in our daily lives they work.

    The practice of these principles will garb you in a suit of spiritual armor. Even in the midst of chaos and in the face of evil your heart will be unsullied, calm and serene.

    The five principles: Wisdom of the Axial Age

    1. Be compassionate. Compassionate in both thought and deed. Learn to recognize that the actions of others are often caused by spiritual pain. Avoid contempt. Avoid those mental judgments we always make of others. Compassion leads to harmony and harmony and balance is the key to inner peace.

    2. Be kind. Very simple. In every interaction, you have you have an opportunity to add to the sum total of good. No act of kindness or charity is too small. It does not matter if you receive gratitude. At times your acts of kindness will even cause resentment in others. That is their way. Let yours be kindness.

    3. Be Forgiving: Forgive others and mostly yourself. Forgiveness is not easy. It requires effort to let past harms and slights go. You may be perfectly justified in your anger, sorrow or resentment but it does not matter. Resentments do not harm the object of your resentment. They harm only you. Much of our spiritual disharmony is caused by our own self-contempt. We magnify our failings. We mull over our mistakes and shortcomings again and again. We compare ourselves to an impossible ideal and then hate ourselves when we fail to measure up. Forgive yourself. Let it go. There is so much that is good in you and tomorrow brings a new opportunity to achieve your dreams.

    4. Be Loving. When you have been compassionate, kind and forgiving you will sense a flood of a unique form of love. Love of all. It will well up within you and influence your every action. It will baffle and confuse others. People who would confront you, engage you in argument or dispute and who would transmit their own anger to you will be astounded when they see that you are unruffled. They will not know what to do. Your calm and peace will affect them.

    5. Be Accepting: You are not in control of the universe. Stop taking everything so personally. It is not all about you. Be humble before the majesty of the universe knowing that it is you and you are it. Things are often not going to go your way. You may be treated unfairly by others, or be the target of hatred or cruelty. You are not going to get everything you want. Accept this. Move on.

    #Teachings #Philosophy #Compassion #Religion #History

    (Picture: Artist unknown)

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  • ko 트위드 캐비넷에 셀락 (Shellac) 먹여봤습니다.

  • 트위드 딜럭스 5D3에 셀락을 먹여봤습니다.  트위드를 다시 씌운 놈이라서 너무 깨끗해 보여서 마음에 들지 않아서 해봤습니다.

    처음에는 알콜로 희석해야 하는 줄 모르고 그냥 발랐다가 뭔가 아닌가 싶어서 약국에 가서 99% 메틸알콜 한병하고 83% 소독용 에틸알콜 한병씩 사들고 왔습니다. 궁금해서 두가지 다 해봤는데 별 차이는 모르겠습니다.

    트위드에 이미 때가 좀 탄 상태였습니다. 도료를 고르게 바르기 어렵기도 해서 자연스럽게 쓰던 물건처럼 되어서 마음에 듭니다.

    셀락은 국내에 amber 컬러가 없어서 1/2 파인트를 11불 정도에 구했습니다. 이거 다 작업하고 반정도 남았구요. 한통으로 딜럭스 두대는 작업을 할 수 있을 것 같습니다. 처음부터 희석을 했으면 더 남았을 수도 있구요. 제대로 된 희석 비율을 몰라서 그냥 1:1 정도로 섞었습니다.


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  • en Fender tweed vibrolux 1958

  • a friend recently got this amp. everything is original and still sounds good. it has voice coil rub but not that serious. even the filter caps are still alive

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  • ko 안동시 길안면, 만휴정 감성치유 프로그램

  • 자연감성 치유프로그램 ‘참좋다’ 참가자 모집



    사이코드라마, 생애 잔치, 리틀포레스트 산책, 생애콘서트, 축하와 감사의 춤


    ▣ 일시 : 2018.9.8() 15~23/ 9.9() 09~13

    매월 둘째 주 토일 운영(단체 경우 조정가능)


    ▣ 장소 : 묵계종택(경상북도 안동시 길안면 충효로 1736-5), 묵계서원, 만휴정

    ▣ 대상 : 쉼과 치유를 원하는 성인 누구나, 선착순 15

    ▣ 참가비 : 12만원(13식 제공) / 토요일 9만원, 일요일 4만원

    농협 놀몸문화예술배움터 351-0950-2152-13




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  • en Yokomo ’95 YZ10 W.C.S Aka Pavidis parts list

  • I made this list from Asso_man!’s RC10talk thread a couple of years ago. and just noticed the file I uploaded has gone somwhere.

    Yokomo YZ10 W.C.S part list thread on RC10talk


    the scanned images are here

    Yokomo YZ10 Pavidis Part list #1 & #2




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  • en Bendix 5992, 6v6gta glowing blue

  • it seems the nature of this tube. I’ve been using a few Bendix 5y3gt with Fender tweed amps. and it’s my first try with their 6v6gt.

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  • ko 안동 카페, 카페라이프, 흑임자 베이글


    안동시 동부동, 카페라이프에서 직접 굽는 베이글 시리즈 중에,

    최근 선보인  흑임자 베이글.

    몸에 좋은 안동산 검은 깨를 갈아 반죽에 넣었다.

    소스 없이 만든 베이글 샌드위치이다.

    단체는, 하루 전에 예약하면 된다.

    첨가물 없이 굽는 카페라이프 베이글은 하루만 지나도 물성이 달라져

    보드랍고 맛있게 먹으려면 당일 아침에 굽는 게 정석이란다.

    보여지는 비쥬얼의 유니크함만큼이나 맛도 케쥬얼하고 영양은 말할 것도 없다.


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