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This post would be a help. but it seems impossible to get them unless you guys push MIP to make them again.

Yokomo YZ10, Works, and 870C universal drives info

it’s the basic info for Yokomo CVD bones
’94 YZ10 front CVD bone 84mm
’94 YZ10 rear CVD bone 79mm
MX4 rear CVD bone 79mm

Kysho RB5/RB6 70mm CVD bones work for 870C F/R

MX4 rear bone works with ’94 YZ10 rear. and, Works F/R
’94 YZ10 rear bone works with Works F/R. and, for 870C front wide setup
Bj4 front bone doesn’t work for Yokomo diff cups

’94 YZ10 front


from the top, MX4 Rear / ’94 YZ10 Rear / Jconcpets BJ4 front.

the length are identical to each other. but the head pins are not. I’ve tried more CVD bones from AE and Losi. and all the US brand CVD bones have bigger head pins which don’t fit Yokomo diff cups

While the length is identical, Bj4 CVD bone don’t work for Yokomo diff cups


’94 yz10 cvd bones go deep inside of the diff


MX4 bones have longer head pins. it’s fine except for 870C



870C front wide setup with ’94 YZ10 CVD
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update with rb6 70mm CVD bones



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