en Sprague 16uf 475v fits perfect to Astron vintage paper sleeve

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0 on December 25, 2018

5y3 rectifier tube in my 5F1 tweed champ went dead a month ago. and everything was fine after I put a new 5y3 tube.

then, the same thing happened today. I figured out this 16uf 450V Astron minimite filter cap was the problem.


Sprague 16uf 475v fits Astron Minimite 16uf 450V paper sleeve. my champ sounds firm and clear than ever with this new cap.

You need to strip off the blue shrink cover to put it in the paper sleeve as you can see





Sadly, I’ve lost 2 of these 5y3 tubes from this issue. but still good with the better sounding from this small tweed amp.


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  • 59burst December 25, 2018
    전해 콘덴서는 무조건 갈라는 이유를 이제 알았습니다. 소리가 훨씬 단단하고 선명합니다.


  • 59burst December 26, 2018
    lesson I got today is bad filter caps can kill the tubes


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