Pignose 7-100 from 70’s with Germanium transistors

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14 on February 12, 2019

Grabbed this Pignose 7-100 off reverb.com recently. the seller believed it didn’t work while I believed I could fix it. the price was really good for the reason.

It was a luck. this little thing works fine without any issue. I see 4 Germanium transistors on the circuit board and expected a different sound than the current product. but it sounds pretty much close to the new ones.



According to the schematic I got  from https://music-electronics-forum.com/showthread.php?t=8790 , it has 4 transistors. 

Two of the germanium transistors (in the black housings) are sitting around the black hood which covers transformers. they seem to be 2SB324H. and I barely see 2SB172A and 2SB175B on the circuit board.


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13 on April 29, 2019

Great Reverb score! I’ve been repairing some Pignoses lately and really enjoy playing them with a little delay pedal. I’ve got a ’72 model with the germanium transistors and would really like to see the actual placement order on the board…for the red, yellow, blue leads of the 2B324’s. I assume that they’re somewhat “switched” (in order) on either side of the black “heatsink”?

Attached pic shows how mine are now.

on April 29, 2019

unfortunately, I’ve sold mine to  buy some vintage capacitors months ago. I put it back on Reverb.com and a german guy took it off. I’m not sure if he’d reply back but I’ll ask him to take some pictures of the leads

on April 29, 2019

a friend loves to play 2 of pignose amps through an ab box. i don’t know how they are old but i can tell they sound really good. i was about to get me an ab box then just realized i could do that with a delay pedal. 

on April 29, 2019

@dragonash: kinda fun to “dasiy chain” two together, using one as a preamp, out into a 2nd one. But yes, they’re certainly much better-sounding with a simple delay pedal. Haven’t tried the A-B route… yet.

@59burst: Thanks. Think I figured the sequence out. (Emitter-Base-Collector / left to right? May try C-B-E?) Very low volume and hiss/hum/crackle before… but now mostly just low volume. Previously, 1 transistor & the 1Ω resistor were getting smokin’ hot. Now, no more high temps… but still no volume increase. The saga continues.

*Replaced the 2 (A&B in pic) germanium transistors & the resistor “C”.

on April 30, 2019

sounds like a challenge to me. I still barely understand the electric circuit. I’ve read about vintage germanium transistors which can be used for NPN and PNP both, probably on a fuzz forum.

the only experience with germanium transistors was this project, btw



on April 30, 2019
I still barely understand the electric circuit.From 59burst


Same here, but I’m learning. Thanks for the link. I’ve a few other early solid-state amps that I’m working on, so I can take “breaks” from the Pignose when frustrated / stymied.


on May 1, 2019

didn’t see that huge one on the right side till now. actually most of them except for the karate kid’s pignose. 

on May 19, 2019

@congafish the reverb.com buyer has replied. unfortunately, he didn’t like the sound of germanium and sold his pignose already

on July 12, 2020

@congafish, i just acquired one of these old pignose’s.  Not sure of the year yet but the pcb looks just like yours so I’m assuming 70’s.  I was given the amp by a friend and its in need of some repairs  it hasn’t worked in years.  One problem that stands out right out the gate is a burned up capacitor. Im hoping one of you guys with some knowledge of these amps can help me identify it.  Im not familiar with some of the labeling I’m seeing on the schematic posted above. It’s the brown colored larger ceramic looking cap located right next to one of the 2SB324H’s. I think its labeled “1E” on the above schematic. I could be wrong. I’ve never seen this type of labeling on a schematic. I’m hoping you guys could help provide some insight on this and help me identify this cap. any help would be greatly appreciated..

on July 13, 2020

Hey @dlazzarini,

You talkin’ about the brown resistor labeled “C” in my photo above? That’s a 1Ω (Ohm) resistor. What does yours look like (pic?) is it “blown” apart / fractured, etcetera? Of course I was told that this is normally the go-to culprit to be replaced… as the leading cause of failure in these early Pignoses… but I have not been so lucky with the two ’73-’74 germanium-based Pignose amps here. Hopefully your luck will be better after only replacing that resistor and it’ll spring back to life. Hope so.

on July 13, 2020

Hey @CongaFish thanks for replying. So that’s a resistor huh? Sure had me fooled. I thought it was one of those old film caps. It looks just like the one in your pic with the “C” on it. Would you happen to know the wattage on that resistor?  Something made it pop. What I suspect happened is somebody hooked up two 9v batteries to the 9v snaps that connect to the AA battery boxes. They were corroded out and I suspect they hooked up 9 volt batteries and gave it a dose of 18v. 

on July 14, 2020

Dunno… but with the “touted” 5 Watts output rating ( an over-estimate for certain I’ve heard )… maybe order a 1Ω resistor with a 5 Watt rating (or 1, 2 or 3 Watts). They’re inexpensive and you could test a few different ones. As far as the 18 Volt damage theory goes… rumors have it that Frank Zappa ran his original Pignose  with 18 Volts… and I have done the same on others here with no resultant damage.

Here’s a pic of a 25% larger “Big Pig” that I made, housed in a pine cab with a Jensen MOD 6/15 speaker. It’s basically a Pignose 7-100 upsized into a bigger cab with a bigger speaker and it sounds real “party” @9 Volts – until zapped with 12 or 18 Volts. After hearing a Dwarf amp and comparing it to a Pignose, I thought that maybe if the Pignose had a better cabinet & speaker it could better compete with the Dwarf quality. Nope. *I intend to build one at the exact same internal size as a Pignose with an original speaker to see how that might just compare… but I don’t hold much hope for that either.

The Dwarf amp also pictured (oak / wood stained near-black) with a faceplate of my own making. If everyone knew about the Dwarf amps (made only for two years in direct competition with the Pignose in 1974) there would be a lot more of them in the world. They put the Pignose to shame. (7 Watts!) AND porting the Dwarf out to closed-back extension cab with a 10” or 12” speaker… yields great tones and volume. Alas, the poor Pignose can’t do this anywhere nearly as well (and I have added “speaker out” jacks to several Pignose amps here).

AND if you really want to deep-dive into the early portables, there’s also the (now also very rare) Pygmy amp to consider. Offered as a build-kit from the PAiA company (also initially offered back around 1974) they were $39.95! AND still better than the lowly Pignose 7-100 IMHO.

Best thing about any Pignose?

The “Legendary” marketing.

(Best of luck with your Pig.)

on July 14, 2020

*”Party” was corrected above – probably due to language.

on August 8, 2020

Hey CongaFish you wouldn’t happen to know how to date these 7-100’s would you?  All of my google searches are coming up pretty inconclusive. It’s got a low 4 digit serial number 3384. I can’t seem to find anything conclusive. 

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  • ko Stella doll handmade 2 패브릭 가방


    봄이 되면 패브릭을 선택할때도 봄기운이 더해진다.

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    먹을 것 챙겨넣고 소풍을 떠나도 좋겠고,

    노트북을 넣고 일하러 카페로 향해도 무난한 사이즈다.

    봄엔 봄가방.

    #봄가방#캔버스가방#패브릭가방#가방 핸드메이드

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  • en Yokomo MR-4BX

  • MR-4BX series has been produced for only a couple of years. the first version came at ’06 and replaced with B-Max4 which was different from previous yoke buggies at ’08.

    MR-4BX series is like the last blood of traditional Yokomo to me. and I see the same blood on Jconcepts BJ4. 

    a few prototypes on Japanese magazines were not far from MX-4 YMP until 2004. they put a slipper clutch, moved the motor mount forward, put B4 rear arms and losi style steering knuckles, and so on.. through early ’06
    my friend who has been working with Yokomo and other japanese rc companies told me their CNC machine was never stopped for a couple of years to make new prototype parts. I know it never stopped before MR-4BX. but more than a few MR-4BX prototypes have spotted on Yatabe arena for years.

    I have managed to get a nicely used Worlds edition last month. and took some pics with my factory edition. they both came at ’07.


    the differences between them are main chassis, F/R shock towers, top deck(s), steering, rear bulkhead, and a few misc parts

    Front End


    MR-4BX Worlds came with a new camber mount which allows only the longest upper rod setup. also the steering is different than previous 2 versions

    this new camber mount can be installed on older versions as well

    the original and Factory edition’s front tower provide 6 points of upper rod mount position. the tower is compatible with the original through Worlds. and the inside position provides pretty much same result as Worlds’ front camber mount




    the steerings are quite different. I hope I can feel the difference while I’m running this Worlds edition. but, didn’t have a chance so far.



    this steering was introduced with MX-4. prototype MX-4 still had older servo saver. and the first time I saw this was in MX-4 kit.

    but the difference is the angle. this steering system on MR-4BX is tilted for better handling.


    this 2 piece structure was came from the prototype and applied to the production models through the 1st and Factory edition. but Worlds edition came with 1 piece chassis


    MR-4BX Worlds came with this 1 piece chassis with 2 extra holes for new steering system. please ignore the stainless screws on the Factory chassis. I’d go back to the black steel screws.


    Top Deck

    the top deck, now it covers the rear belt. and new camber mount is here

    Factory edition had 2 piece top deck like the original version. but the rear piece was improved that older one has clearance problem with the belt

    the rear top deck from the ’06 original version
    Rear Shock Mounting

    there were a few guys tried this before Worlds edition came. the shocks were moved to the back end of the car.

    also they put a camber mount like the front end

    the original and Factory edition had same suspension geometry. the shocks can be moved to the back end with this stock mount plus a few tricks

    the new aluminum part which holds the the shock tower is changed along with new bulkhead and camber mount




    related links


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  • en tweed princeton 5D2 came back to life

  • I came across this tweed princeton a couple of days ago. it had more than few issues with the pots, electrolytic caps, wires, grounding, input jacks and one of the resistors.

    and it sounds beautiful like a win instrument with the new components.


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  • en Bassman 5F6A build

  • with a 15″ alnico speaker like the early Bassman.



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  • en Korea in 1956 by an American photographer

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  • ko 펜더 모델링 앰프 Mustang GT40 사용기 + 익스텐션 캐비넷 연결

  • 공연과 녹음을 계속 하는 친구가 이 앰프를 구했습니다. 이걸 살 때만 해도 당연히 스피커 캐비넷을 연결할 수 있을거라고 생각했는데 외부 스피커 단자가 없었습니다.

    이런 리뷰가 youtube에 많은데 직접 들어본 소리와 리뷰를 비교해보면 이 사람들이 녹음을 정말 잘 하는구나 싶습니다.

    오른쪽에 큼직한 다이얼을 돌리면 130개 가까운 프리셋이 들어있습니다. 총 200개의 뱅크가 있어서 변경하거나 새로 만든 세팅을 넣을 수 있구요.

    재미있는건 앰프 특유의 노이즈나 하울링도 비슷하게 재현이 됩니다.

    그런데 막상 앰프 소리를 들어보면 정말 지루합니다. 6.5″ 스피커 두개가 들어있는데 다이나믹한 맛이 전혀 없습니다. 지루하다는 표현이 딱 맞는 그런 소리입니다.

    다행이도 익스텐션 캐비넷 연결을 위한 작업은 어렵지 않았습니다. 엄청나게 센 벨크로 테입으로 고정된 스피커 그릴을 떼어내고 나면 스피커 두개가 보입니다. 그 중에 하나를 풀어내고 거기에 스피커잭과 스위치를 달았습니다. 이 앰프는 스테레오 모드를 지원해서 스피커 하나는 건드리지 않고 하나만 개조를 했습니다.

    지금 연결된 상태는 앞에서 봤을 때 왼쪽 스피커는 언제나 소리가 나고, 오른쪽 스피커만 내부/외부로 전환 가능하도록 했구요.

    스위치는 마땅한 자리가 없어서 Bass reflex vent 안에 넣었습니다. 나사를 너무 꽉 조이면 나중에 깨질 수 있어서 탄성이 있지만 강한 접작제로 고정하고 나사는 록타이트를 발라서 풀리지 않도록 했구요.

    원래 아래 사진처럼 장착할 수 있을 줄 알았는데 안되더라구요. 저기 맞는 형태의 너트를 구하는건 쉽지 않을 것 같구요.

    그래서 결국 리플렉스 홀에 저렇게 달았습니다. 검정색 마이너스 선은 하나로 묶어서 스위치하고 상관없구요. +선만 전환되게 해 두었습니다.


    나머지 작업 사진은 여기에 있습니다.

    Fender Mustang GT40 external speaker mod

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  • en Tamiya Tamtech Buggy Champ

  • I’m running this small version of Buggy Champ – Rough Rider for years. yes, it’s small and cannot run on the bumpy tracks.

    and I watched it’s not bad on the the rally circuit where I’m running my old RC10 and 834B runners.

    I started from finding a better motor for this 1/16 Buggy Champ. sport-tuned motor from tamiya was the most easy to find. but it turned out not much better than the stock motor.
    they released a better sport-tuned SPT recently. and, I was told it was good. I’m thinking getting one at some point. 

    this tamtech champ came with the plastic spring dampers. buggy champ runs like tamiya grasshopper with the stock shocks. actually it runs better than grasshopper.

    google found me Losi Mini-T shocks weeks or months ago. an I’m running with the shocks. losi shocks turned this tiny champ into a racer.

    Losi shocks are slightly shorter than stock ones. and this length is better on the tracks and my living room.
    Losi front shocks have almost twice bigger stroke with a dead center. and, this simple trick with shrink tube is working great. 
    then I came back to the motor.
    a friened who is an expert on the small motors told me to find “Speed 300 6V” motor from Graupner or GWS. 
    Speed 300 on ebay.de
    ElectricFly  T-370
    but the shipping charge for one single motor was overkill. I found this for less than $10 include the postage from somewhere.
    this E-sky 370 motor is cheap and can be found everywhere. it has this 1/10 style endbell as you can see. the size is identical to the stock 370 motor.
    the torque and speed are great for the scale. and it turned out this motor needs too much juice for the size. I might need more or better batteries.
    I ran with this setup for a while, then I went to Tamtech SPT motor and new shell. SPT is much better than older sport tuned motor in every way. I have brushless in my mind too. but the price is an issue for me.
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  • ko 한글 nltk 관련 링크 모음

  • 온라인 책을 제작 공유하는 플랫폼 서비스




    Korean stopwords collection. Contribute to stopwords-iso/stopwords-ko development by creating an account on GitHub.



    Title: Mining English and Korean text with Python; Date: 2015-03-27; Author: Lucy Park; Courseid: 2015-ba; Metainfo:


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  • ko 봉화 북지리, 석조반가상


    7세기 중엽의 작품으로 추정되는 ,

    봉화 북지리 젓조반가상은 대한민국 보물, 제997호이고,

    대구 북구 대학로 80번지,  경북대학교 박물관에 있는 삼국시대의 석조 불상이다.


    <문화재청 사진및 자료 참조>


    봉화 북지리 지림사의 마애여래좌상 옆에 있었던 것을,1966년에 경북대학교로 옮겼다.


    높이 1.6미터 가량에  상반신은 깨져 없어졌고,

    하반신과 다른 돌로 만든 둥근 연꽃 무늬  발받침대만이 남아 있지만

    우수한 조걱기법을 보인다.


    상반신은  옷을 벗은듯하고 하체에 표현된 옷은, 얇다.

    왼쪽 무릎위에 올려놓은 오른쪽 다리는 매우 크고, 무릎을 높이 솟게해 강조하고 있다.

    올려놓은 다리밑에는 3단으로 옷주름이 부드럽게 흐르는데, 그 선이 분명하다.


    이들 옆에는  커다란 사각형의 고리와 화려한 구슬장식이 있다.

    불상의 뒷모습은  옷주름만 단순하게 표현하고 있다.

    발받침대는 약 70센티미터의 원반형으로  아래로 향한 연꽃이 7잎 새겨져 있다.


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