en my recent 5E3 build

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2 on October 17, 2020

they are my recent build with some vintage components like Philips caps made in Holland and Roederstein caps made in W. Germany.

one of cabinets is 18″ wide version like the early 5E3. Fender changed the width to 20″ right after some of the transition models. even there were wide panel 5E3 at ’55.

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1 on October 28, 2020

진짜 엄청 멋있네요

on October 30, 2020

응 얘들도 오리지날하고 비교 했는데.. 만들고 한달 조금 넘으니까 아주 가깝더라. 아무래도 새거라 힘은 더 좋고. 받은 분들이 아주 좋아해. 오리지날 가진 분들도 만족하니까 나도 기분 좋고

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