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  • en Fender tweed deluxe 5D3 b+ voltage with a few different rectifier tubes

  • 377V with Bendix 6106 5y3wgt which has purchased as NOS and less than 1 year old

    366V with Hytron 5y3wgt which is many many years old

    369V with GE 5y3gt less than 1 year old

    393V with GE 5v4g which I purchased as NOS and less than 1 year old

    396V with RCA 5v4g as NOS and less than 1 year old

    370V with another Bendix I have purchased as slightly used condition a couple of months ago

    btw, I recently scored this Bendix for $25 off ebay. but it just killed my 5F1’s fuse and the B+ is only 266V with 5D3. not every single Bendix lasts like forever

    and, figured out why I had 60hz hum with this 5v4g. this one shows only 307v. I’m going to update the 5v4g thread


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  • en enjoying 5751 tube on 5D3 v1

  • a member here recommended me 5751 for tweed deluxe v1 socket. and I’m impressed with this setup. I grabbed this off ebay for $32 even the kind seller sent me an extra GE 5751.

    I’d say it’s way better than stock 12ay7 and 12at7 on v1.

    and 5751 on 5F1 reduces the output volume a bit. but still a good sounding tube


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  • ko 프로필카드 디자인

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  • en fender 1952 5B3 tweed deluxe restoration

  • it took a while to get the original Astron mimimite capacitors for re-stuff. came to 33uf + 22uf + 22uf and it turned out great with zero hum and Fender tweed deluxe voicing. it’s funny I met this amp a while back. a friend of mine had it. then another friend owns it now



    tried P12N and came back to the original smooth cone P12R after fixed the voice coil rub.


    it was like this when it came to me. the voltage dropping resistor fell off once I touched the soldering joint with my iron for 0.1 sec. a bit scary I could say.


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  • ko 예뻐서 좋은 진공관 VM 12ax7

  • 50년대 중후반 Amperex 12ax7 입니다. 타입코드 64가 뒤에 있고 리비전코드 (change code) 3dl 앞에 있고 아래 코드는 뭔지 잘 모르겠습니다. 타입코드 64는이건 영국 군납코드인 cv4004라고 찾아보니 나오구요. made in Holland 마킹이 없으면 영락없는 영국관입니다.

    음량 유난히 크고 고음과 미들 단단한 i6 시리즈하고 여러모로 비슷합니다.


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  • en Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful


    You will have a grand orchestral experience.

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  • en DNA: Life’s Changelog

  • One of the most interesting things about DNA is that we have discovered, in humans, the 3% of the code which builds our physical bodies also has encoded within the bodies of all of our ancestors. We can switch on these old systems (in animals of course since this would be highly unethical to do to human beings) and give a chicken teeth or scales. We are not just us. We are all the physical forms in our lineage.

    Now, that accounts for 3% of our storage. What of the other 97%? It is memories. Now the skeptic will go “yeah right Mr. Science”. Hear me out here though. Why is it so hard to accept memories encoded into the helix? In fact all “instinct” is encoded memory. What beach to lay your eggs by the light of the full moon if you are a tortoise. Where to migrate if you are a starling or a monarch butterfly. Sharks even have maps of the magnetic markers on the seafloor. None of this is learned. It is there at birth.

    There is a very good evolutionary reason for this. Rapid adaptation. We have a repository of past experiences so we do not have to reinvent the wheel every time our environment changes. Human beings have noted this for at least as long as we have records and this has given rise to theories of reincarnation which appeared in nearly every civilization on Earth. Science has resisted this because it sounds too “supernatural” in the same way they resisted the “Big Bang” because it sounded too much like creation. Yet, it is anything but supernatural. It is entirely natural and the only explanation which makes any sense.

    #Science #Philosophy #Biology #Life #Origins

    (Picture courtesy of Ya-Webdesign)

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  • en wisdom in the color of white

  • sometimes, words are like the windows through the history and culture. now I see why we keep seeing the white witches and wizards who are the symbols of wisdom on the movies. and why we have the similar names from the western culture. 



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  • ko 97년식 기아 엘란 (Lotus Elan M100) 복원

  • 97년식 기아 엘란입니다. 정확한 모델명은 Elan M100 입니다. Lotus에서 1989년에서 1995년까지, 그리고 기아에서 1996년부터 1999년까지 생산했습니다. M100에 대한 설명은 위키피디아 페이지 아래쪽에 있습니다.


    몇달간 복원을 하고 있고 앞으로 남은 작업도 많습니다.


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  • ko 트위드 캐비넷에 셀락 (Shellac) 먹여봤습니다.

  • 트위드 딜럭스 5D3에 셀락을 먹여봤습니다.  트위드를 다시 씌운 놈이라서 너무 깨끗해 보여서 마음에 들지 않아서 해봤습니다.

    처음에는 알콜로 희석해야 하는 줄 모르고 그냥 발랐다가 뭔가 아닌가 싶어서 약국에 가서 99% 메틸알콜 한병하고 83% 소독용 에틸알콜 한병씩 사들고 왔습니다. 궁금해서 두가지 다 해봤는데 별 차이는 모르겠습니다.

    트위드에 이미 때가 좀 탄 상태였습니다. 도료를 고르게 바르기 어렵기도 해서 자연스럽게 쓰던 물건처럼 되어서 마음에 듭니다.

    셀락은 국내에 amber 컬러가 없어서 1/2 파인트를 11불 정도에 구했습니다. 이거 다 작업하고 반정도 남았구요. 한통으로 딜럭스 두대는 작업을 할 수 있을 것 같습니다. 처음부터 희석을 했으면 더 남았을 수도 있구요. 제대로 된 희석 비율을 몰라서 그냥 1:1 정도로 섞었습니다.


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