en I’m into 5v4g than 5y3 with 6v6 tweed amps

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I’m updating this post not to make people confused. I believed B+ was lower with 5v4g than 5y3. but 5v4g is increasing B+ and makes the bias warmer than 5y3. I guess it is the reason I feel the amps are more alive with 5v4g

then I noticed the vintage amps with the original caps from 50’s and early 60’s are more vulnerable with 5v4g to 60hz hum. I’m just guessing leakage of the coupling caps and the filter caps could be the reason. I’m still enjoying 5v4g with the amps with new components. didn’t have an issue with my 5D3 which has new filter caps either. 

[EDIT again]
one of my 5V4G tubes shows very low B+. the 60hz hum came from it I believe

there are more and better info for 5vg and 5y3 rectifiers on the gearpage.net 



I hook up tweed champ, deluxe, and m-track 2×2 together while jamming with youtube. 5v4g sounds still alive with this stereo and digital setup to me. but, m-track 2×2 is cheap and sharing the one single full bandwidth with usb and instrument at the same time. it sounds good while using only one of them. it sucks when the knob is at the center.

it’s the knob on m-track 2×2. don’t buy it if you want to use your guitar amps as monitor speakers while playing guitar through the direct input. maybe I’m just doing this wrong. 

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    after back and forth between 5y3 and 5v4g for a couple of weeks. I'd say 5v4g is good and practical for champ and deluxe


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tried 5v4g with this modern 5F1 with 10″ ceramic speaker in 5e3 style cabinet. and it seems to be the right place for it. I prefer 5v4g with tweed deluxe to tweed champ. it could be the size of the cabinet and the speaker I guess from this setup. 

one good thing with modern 5f1 is all the components are new or NOS and it has almost zero 60hz hum. I’m going to exchange 2 prong cable to 3 prong on my old champ and try 5v4g again with it.


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0 on May 25, 2019

I’m guessing the 60hz hum I had came from this dying 5v4g. just noticed one of my three 5v4g tubes shows 307v B+ with 5D3.

377V with Bendix 6106 5y3wgt which has purchased as NOS and less than 1 year old 366V with Hytron 5y3wgt which is many many years old 369V with GE 5y3gt less than 1 year old 393V with GE 5v4g which I purchased as NOS and less than 1 year old 396V with RCA 5v4g as …
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