Germanium diode clipper reduces the output volume

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I tried germanium diodes on my Bum fuzz. and, noticed they reduces the volume dramatically. the maximum volume of the pedal was almost identical to guitar’s output volume. the pedal worked great with almost zero noise.

I came back to the silicon diodes.  and, found out the reason why germanium diode clipper’s output level was that low.

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The voltage drop of Germanium diodes is 0.35V while silicon’s is over 0.5V. the answer was simple and helpful.

they are the Germanium diodes I tried. bigger than the stock silicon diodes. the picture of stock silicon diodes is following it

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  • en 50’s and 60’s Fender Champ 8″ speakers

  • all the 5F1 champ around me have Oxford 8EV speakers and they seemed to have Jensen P8T as well. found one from CTS which sounds like the stock Oxford. they are 4 ohm impedance and DCR is mostly 3.2 ohm

    I’m not sure with new and doped speakers but old, broken in and sometimes brittle speakers sound way better with edge doping in every aspect to me. it’s like a having a good preamp tube in vintage tweed amps

    it’s an Oxford from ’59 Champ along with one from 62’s. the cone went yellow and I guess it was in a place with carbon monoxide gas around. both has doped in the end


    and 60’s Ceramic speaker from Oxford. and another one from CTS. this CTS is not Fender stock but sounds pretty much like the stock speakers.


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  • en Fender – Jensen speaker phase were reversed in 50’s tweed amps

  • I just tried 9V battery trick for 50’s Fender Champ 5F1 and Deluxe 5D3. and the speaker wiring turned out being reversed. both of them still have the factory wiring.

    And, both of them move backward (to the magnets) when they wired 9V + to the white wire, and – pole to the black wire.

    They mostly say there is no absolute speaker phase unless they are in the same cabinet. at the same time, many people say the speaker cones move forward when they hooked up in the right direction with 9V battery.

    Fortunately, 9V battery didn’t kill my 8″ Champ speaker, nor 12″ Deluxe speaker. but I’ve read some cases this trick killed their speakers.

    I’m not sure with 50’s and 60’s Jensen speaker’s correct phase. but, I started to believe Fender hooked them up this way. I’ve seen only 2 cases. and will update if I come across any Jensen speaker with different phase.



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  • en Dear Mr. Fantasy

  • Steve Winwood + Eric Clapton

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  • ko 안동에서 찾은 신기한 돌

  • 막내가 어릴 때, 안동 강가에서 주운 돌입니다.

    예쁜 세모 모양 돌입니다. 그리고 그 안에 또 세모가 있구요. 산화되지 않은걸 봐서 철은 아닌 것 같고..

    늘 볼 때마다 시간을 떠올리게 하는 돌 입니다.


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  • ko 안동시, 안동포와 Hemp 대마산업육성, 지원


    안동시가 안동포, 대마 산업 육성을 위해 올해 생산 농가와 기업에 다양한 지원을 한다.


    삼 재배 농가에는 현재 다른 곳에서 사들이는 종자를 자체 생산할 수 있는 기반을 구축한다.

    기업에는 삼 계약재배를 연계해주고,  금액의 25%를 지원한다.

    안동포 생산자에게 장려금을 1필에 10만원, 대마 재배 농가에는 1㎡에 500원을 지원 계획이다.

    지원 대상은 안동에 주소를 둔 기업과 대마·안동포 생산자로,

    오는 6월 30일까지 안동포조합에 신청하면 된다.

    안동포와 대마 산업 육성을 위해서는 주원료인 삼 생산이 필수다.

    생산 주민에게 도움이 될 수 있는 시책을 적극 발굴해 시행하겠다는 게 시측의 입장이다.




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  • en 40’s Ken-Rad 6v6GT/G is louder than RCA, GE, Sylvania 6v6GT

  • while my 5F1 project is not loud enough with Jensen 10J11 speaker, I tried a few different 6v6 tubes for the last few days.

    I noticed Ken-Rad 6v6GT/G tubes are louder than the other tubes. and the texture with this tube is acoustic and strong. 

    I don’t see the difference between RCA, GE, and Sylvania 6v6gt tubes that much. GE Canada 6v6GT is a bit brighter than 50’s stock tweed RCA and 60’s Sylvania but, Ken-Rad 6v6GT/G sounds way different to them

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  • ko 궁금한 6v6 – Bendix 5992

  • ebay에 올라온 Bendix 5992 (6v6gt) 가격이 워낙 살인적이라서 6v6gta, 6v6wgta 이렇게 모델명으로 찾다보니 Sylvania, 그리고 Realistic 상표로 있어서 구했습니다.

    아직 길이 들지 않아서 소리는 잘 모르겠습니다. NOS라서 음량도 작은 편이구요. 몇주, 몇달 써보면서 업데이트하겠습니다.

    이렇게 푸르게 빛나는 진공관은 처음 보는데 문제가 있는건지 원래 그런건지도 아직 모르겠네요

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  • ko 안동시, 2019 안동국제탈춤 페스티벌



    안동시가 2019 안동 국제 탈춤 페스티벌을 100여일 앞두고

    “여성의 탈, 탈 속의 여성” 이란 주제를 공개하고, 본격적인 축제 준비에 나섰다.



    이번 축제는, 탈과 탈춤 속에 투영된 여성의 모습을 축제를 통해 표현할 예정이다.





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  • Lets start to create a photo gallery of the world on this tread! Feel free to post your favorite picture of a place, architecture, car or image of your favorite photographer.

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