A quick update for the Retro Bj4

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0 on June 15, 2015

never tried big bore shocks on the track yet. all the runners I got here are from 80’s and 90’s. this BJ4 is the first one with big bore setup to me

the first plan with the socks was this. strip, anodize, then this teflon spray and baking

the plan has changed after I saw this picture from AE, then ordered the front shock bodies which were only available at the time




shocks are done, and I’m going to a new chassis for saddle / shorty battery conversion like B44.3 does.


new center brace coming from Jconcepts along with B44.3 ceter diff. but I’m not sure Bj4 aluminium center shafts fit the B44.3 diff cups yet. the aluminium shaft head is slightly bigger than steel shaft’s


I’m working with a friend for the new chassis. will update in a few weeks.
this Bj4.3 will have
0. Front / Rear center shaft swap
1. new custom chassis for B44.3 motor mount
2. new top decks
3. new battery holders from b44.3 with epoxy battery straps


and here are the wheelbase info for Bj4 and B44 series. I need them for the new chassis

Bj4      278mm (10.94″)
B44     280mm (11.02″)
B44.1  276mm (10.87″) – the shortest
B44.2  284mm (11.18″)
B44.3  284mm (11.18″)

[update from July 7th 2015]
got the center diff, and now can see the new wheelbase of the chassis
the motor mount itself is 6mm wider than Bj4’s. but the difference of the diff cups are only 4mm.
the under tray has 2mm margin, so I need to cut the backend.
the body has 3mm margin between the under tray, so still can use the body
the lenght is identical for B44 and Bj4 bodies.

it’s time to make a new chassis along with the top decks






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