en How to spot Siemens, Tyco V23084-C2001-A303 relay and the counterfeit

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14 on March 21, 2019

I have emailed to dozens of electric part suppliers and messaged to ebay sellers for

V23084-C2001-A303 to fix my E46 GM5 module.

and I noticed most of them are counterfeit. this seller looked legit with the picture of NOS Siemens relay. but it didn’t go well.


and it’s the the relays I got from this seller

The original Siemens, Tyco, TE connectivity relays have molded bottom with thick and strong lead pins. and, you can buy this counterfeit relay on alibaba.com or aliexpress.com for less $1 each

I’m talking to these two sellers for the original part. and one of them are running this web site


I do trust this guy and made a purchase from his ebay store


also this seller has the original relay. but it’s V23084-C2002-A403

the only difference between A303 and A403 is the contact material. and C2002 is sensitive type works with less current as far as I know. I’ll try them both and will update

another seller sent me this picture. and it’s exactly the relay I’m after. you can see the pattern on the bottom but even many of the counterfeit have the patterns as well. but please see the pins carefully all the soldering pins are thick and look strong enough.

I’m ordering a pair from this seller who sent me the picture


it took a couple of months to figure out which is the original and finally found these 2 sellers which I trust on ebay.

I’ll update when they arrive

and please someone advice me if V23084-C2001-A303 can be replaced with

V23084-C2002-A403, or V23084-C2001-A403



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1 on March 21, 2019

I really hope it all works out for you. I can imagine this process is nerve-wracking! Guess it’s easy to produce these small things in masses and there’s still large demand for, that’s probably the reason why they fake them.

on March 22, 2019

I noticed a China based company, Hongfa is making the substitute for the relay. and it’s way better than the fake products. some of the fake relays are rebranded Hongfa and it’s not that bad. 

the same relay was widely used for Mercedes, BMW, and more companies. this relay is robust and it’s the reason they were alive for the last 10 to 20 years. and the cars have the relay are strong and still alive as well. 

the guy running bmwgm5.com ordered the original relay and he seems to have enough for sale. but it still not easy to spot the fake and original for the most of the drivers. I’ll do my best to test and report on the original and counterfeit for them and myself

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0 on March 24, 2019

the seller asked me to take back the negative feedback on ebay for refund. it means this seller knows what they are selling on ebay exactly.

and, I have escalated the case to claim on paypal


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0 on March 24, 2019

bmwgm5.com guy kindly advised me to choose the exactly same relay which is V23084-C2001-A303 for BMW GM5 module.

the difference between A303 and A403 is the contact material. and I though it didn’t make any difference. but, he gave me this information

“each material is designed for the proper load” 

and this guy is the only one seller has the correct part on the web.

thanks again.

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0 on March 24, 2019

it’s the correct and genuine part for BMW GM5 module. you guys can trust this guy without hesitation.

This is a genuine Tyco Electronics relay. Not a counterfeit Hongfa relay marked as a Tyco. Look for the correct pattern on the bottom cover. Fake parts are potted. You can clearly see the difference. | eBay!


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0 on April 3, 2019

I sent the counterfeit relays to the seller today with the tracking number. then got the legit ones from another ebay seller. the original relay has the clean leads. even the tips are trimmed very well.



genuine v23084 relay from another ebay seller. 

4 of the leads on the left side are round. and 6 of them are flat and they face the different angles at the location as you can see. all of them are straight and clean. 


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2 on April 3, 2019

and it’s Hongfa relay for reference. 

Hongfa Automotive Relay Hfkd-012-2zst 10 Feet Dpdt Relay 100 Pairs Box , Find Complete Details about Hongfa Automotive Relay Hfkd-012-2zst 10 Feet Dpdt Relay 100 Pairs Box,Hfkd-012-2zst from Relays Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Bokway Technology Co., Ltd.


on April 4, 2019

Great to hear you finally received the parts. It’s annoying and stressful to deal with such people who deliberately sell fake stuff. I’ve had experienced similar on eBay in the past but they were of no help back then.

on April 4, 2019

one of the reason I believed the first seller was he/she was based in Germany where my E46 came from. but it still worths to try. people can find the genuine relays from this thread

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0 on April 4, 2019

I found this document on the contact material. didn’t fully understand yet. but hope it help you guys to see the difference between A303 and A403


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0 on April 5, 2019

another batch of the genuine relays have arrived. V23084-C2002-A303 from the Polish seller and V23084-C2001-A303, and V23084-C2001-A403 from bmwgm5 are identical to each other. but, C2002 is sensitive type and I’m not going to use them. I purchased C2002 only for the reference.


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0 on April 5, 2019

also, TE connectivity helped me to decode the serial of the relay. thanks again

08 = 2008 (2-digit calendar year)
02 = calendar week
4 = day of week (1 – Saturday)
1 = shift
E = line

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0 on April 6, 2019

it took a couple of hours to take the relays off the board and managed to replaced them. I don’t want to do this job again. it was damn tricky to desolder them with my basic tools

my remote key is working again with the new relays. I put A303 and A403 to see if there would be any difference


my first attempt didn’t work and figured out I ruined one of the ground path. this video shows how to diagnose the path point by point. I couldn’t make it without this 

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0 on June 19, 2019

MMK-repair2015 which still is selling the counterfeit rejected my return mail and I got my package in my hand again. 

I’ve talk to Tyco and Ebay customer service right after I sent this package back to the seller. and it’s lucky to have this package back. I have this firm evidence again


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    the original and Factory edition had same suspension geometry. the shocks can be moved to the back end with this stock mount plus a few tricks

    the new aluminum part which holds the the shock tower is changed along with new bulkhead and camber mount




    related links


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    then I came back to the motor.
    a friened who is an expert on the small motors told me to find “Speed 300 6V” motor from Graupner or GWS. 
    Speed 300 on ebay.de
    ElectricFly  T-370
    but the shipping charge for one single motor was overkill. I found this for less than $10 include the postage from somewhere.
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    the torque and speed are great for the scale. and it turned out this motor needs too much juice for the size. I might need more or better batteries.
    I ran with this setup for a while, then I went to Tamtech SPT motor and new shell. SPT is much better than older sport tuned motor in every way. I have brushless in my mind too. but the price is an issue for me.
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    It’s the shop I found ZTX109 and OC139 transistors


    And, this pedal sounds great with OC139. I don’t see any reason to try a different setup anymore. this modified Germanium Bum fuzz unit has overdrive to medium or leather high gain fuzz range now. somewhat sounds like MK2 and feels like MK3.

    It was like this a couple of months ago


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