en 5D3 tweed deluxe with the factory original P12R

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my jenen P12R came back from the re-cone job at my local speaker repair shop. this new cone I got off ebay doesn’t look like the original as I expected. but it still sounds very close to my silver P12R speaker came from the friend who gave me this P12R. 

50’s Jensen P12R restoration has begun

this tweed deluxe 5D3 came from December 1954. and the speaker came from a ’54 5C3. the date code one the speaker is 1953. they are like a family. 

it’s not easy to pick only one speaker for my tweed deluxe so far. P12n is a great sounding speaker with it’s chime and volume. but I want a jensen which is crispy at the lower volume. maybe the bell cover doesn’t affect the sound. but me and the friends tested two different jensen p12r came from the same era. and the result was different at low volume in 5C3. and most of all, p12r looks way better with the bell. 

it sounds really good with it’s look. even I like that red safety sticker on the bell. 


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