• setup tool for Yokomo 5mm axle

  • Hudy seems to make the best setup tools on the market. but we never had one for Yokomo YZ10 5mm axle yet. or simply I didn’t see

    I got this 1/8 on-road setup tool for 12mm axles. and only thing I need was 4 of 5x12mm bearings. I ordered the bearings. then forgot about it. some metric and SAE bearings came from Avid RC for my Yokomo and AE buggies. but couldn’t remember why I got 5x12mm bearings with them. it took a while to figure it out.

    The setup tool is this. Hudy 1/8 on-road setup tool for 12mm axle. and I just switched the front and the rear ones.

    Putting the bearings is everything for this job. couldn’t find flanged ones with the same size. and this standard bearing works fine of course

    Then 1/2″ step bit job on the other side for 3/16″ axles.

    Then some thin paper tape to hold the bearings securely


    The tool works for the old 834B through YZ10, RC10, and modern 4WD as well.

    On the rear axles, 5x12mm bearings works fine for 5mm and 3/16″ both. the difference is small. and we just need the camber angles on the rear axles.

    Also, this tool is a very nice display stand for YZ10

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