• one new is old project – Bj4

  • I saw this nice thread from RC10talk which is the best place for RC10 lovers

    and I got this BJ4 from a friend to copy Dhood’s B44. and found some old stuff here
    I’ll keep update this post


    a quick update from April 28th. thanks to the rc10talk members

    another update from May 6th. on the progress
    I have disassembled two packs of Yokomo Ni-MH 3800 batteries, then they are on the matching process. the batteries were sleeping for 7 to 8 years, and some of them are still alive




    I want to finish the electronics before I send the aluminium parts for anodize. the receiver replaced with 27Mhz to match Mars R which has 27Mhz module

    I’m trying some B44.3 parts for this project. let’s see what happens next


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