• another 834B proejct.. again

  • I’v been keeping the important parts for my future.. and it’s the current project. I still remember the moment I saw YZ-834B at the first time. it was displayed in a show window of a shop which imported Sanyo batteries from Japan. the owner seemed to have a good taste RC cars. he picked up the 834b at Japan just because it looked cool

    ok then, I bought a pair of Delta shock few years back. I had to sell most of my RC inventory for some reason. but I knew I would start this project.

    found these AYK Race Prep dogbones and hardened front axles when I was running my 834b runners. later YZ-834B SE and RPS SE came with this hardened axle
    [EDIT] I remember the dog bones were sold under Race Prep name. but the NIB package I saw on ebay was SRM RACING.
    parts numbers are
    SRM Racing Polybones 9300 Front / 9330 Rear


    you can see this brand-new main chassis from this post


    but, I couldn’t find the chassis. I got moved into a new place a couple of years ago. I thought I put this chassis in a safe place, but it was too safe. haha!

    so, I put the new parts on my old Trinity chassis like this

    this project still have a issue with the torque limiter pulley, it’s really hard to find one. actually I’v been searched it before I left this hobby. but a good news is my friend Reggie got a pulley for solid setup. and it can be converted to torque limiter pulley. it’s not a problem. I won’t run this shelf queen.


    then finally, I found the chassis in a box 2 weeks later. I got the chassis from Jason, my aussie friend few years ago. thanks Jason

    after I moved the parts onto the chassis, I noticed I still needed the top deck, and my friend Gary sent me this nice one. Gary lives in OZ, but he found this from UK. even he looks cool!

    but this project still nees front upper arms and steering knuckles. and my 2 different friends Al and Reggie found each arm between their parts. it was the most dramatic moment of this project.

    And, here goes almost complete my 5th, maybe 6th YZ-834B Wonder Dog Fighter. it looks great with Delta shocks, Custom Works white wheels, Proline made RPS tires, non-stock but strong white steering from 870C through YZ10, and Checkpoint motor




    my favorite wheels for 834B are definitely Hot Laps.


    I have some front and rear wheels,  but there was a matched pair. it looks not that good with white rim and red disc



    another couple of days later, I managed to match the wheels. now it looks great even it doesn’t have the rear pulley. no one can’t see it’s not there though.

    Al put these Hot Trick parts in the package with the front upper arms. thank you Sir!


    more pics comming



    to be continued..

    ps. you might find some aluminum parts you need


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