• Tamtech Frog

  • got one for my daughter. I have been running GB02 mini champ for years. and this Frog is GB01 chassis. thanks to my friend Al.


    installed Losi mini-T shocks which were already purchased for this. the pink spring from losi is too soft. and the stock tamtech spring is too hard. so I had to put 3 thick spacers on each front shock with losi pink spring. even the springs look great with the body



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  • tamiya pink wheels part II

  • It has started from here


    got HPI 6115 today. but there was no spacer for 10mm wheels. all the spacers are for 11mm. but my metric step bit did it’s job well


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  • Wonder Dog Fighter wing from #6188

  • Early Dog Fighter 834B came with a small wing which was from RC-12EX. I still have the original from AE. later Wonder Dog Fighter 834B came with a large wing. you can see the pictures here.

    Yokomo YZ-834B Wonder Dog Fighter



    I noticed the shape was pretty much close to 834B large wing while I made this


    unfortunately I noticed it after I cut the #6188 sprint wing.

    opened another #6188 today. actually the 1mm lexan sheet for the chain cover was from #6189 which had more parts like 2 wing wires, buttons, and longer wing tubes in the package

    got another 1mm thick lexan sheet from the bag. and the leftover from the chain cover build



    the wing came here only a few minutes after I opened the wing kit. the shape is not identical to the original. but close. and the width is identical


    I found this BRP wing wire kit in my parts box. and put the wire on the 834B. #5247 is for RC10. but fits 834B as well.
    more pics with Hot Laps wheels & tires
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  • lexan chain cover for YZ-834B

  • the chain cover is only for protect cables and wires from the chain. but it’s hard to find these days. I made one myself from 1mm thick lexan sheet. the first attempt was not far from the original cover except it didn’t have the rear end screw hole

    there was no issue from the test run with the new cover. but I felt that I had to add something to hold the cover securely. it looks bad as you can see. BTW, the white parts is a leftover from RPM steering for RC10

    I’m building a new 834B from new parts. so I still need a better solution for this chain cover issue. and the result came like this
    now, my backup runner looks better than ever with the lexan cover. it is great. and it is cool. and it’s a fun to watch the running chain and pulley through the transparent cover
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  • YZ-834B chassis dimension update

  • This chassis has made from this post.


    I noticed the dimensions need to be updated while I build with new chassis

    1. the distance between the 2 screws on the center should be 12mm. it was updated in the old topic as well

    2. the distance between the 2 screws for front bulkhead should be 49mm. updated on the original file

    3. the distance between the 2 screws for rear gear box is 32.5mm. but 32mm would be better for holding the box secure. and will make the inside safe from dirt

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  • 834B in red

  • minsoo (ebay seller pargu2000) brought me this aluminum chassis today. I won’t race with this one. but it looks great



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  • an idea for RC10 body mounting

  • my buddy showed me this way. and I tried myself. only the reason he did this was to save the body post. and I think it will save the body itself from damage due to the body post. we know the cracks around the post. the job was quite simple with a hair dryer.


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  • Snow

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  • another 834B project – Part II

  • cleaned the parts up and finished to rebuild. I got #1 and #2 trinity 834B’s now. they both have improved gears, hardened axles, Trinity chassis’, later steerings, and Novak gears. only the difference is #1 (with Lipo setup) has AYK Race Prep dogbones which are much stronger




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  • another 834B project

  • grabbed this off ebay a month ago. and started to clean the parts up today. and I noticed it was a original RPS SE with trinity chassis. actually I bought this for the chassis. ‘cuase my tirinity chassis has worn out. I didn’t think it was a RPS SE but just had a RPS roll bar when I saw this on ebay. but amazingly it had all the hardwares in RPS kit. the gears are like new. and the parts are as well. most of all, the shocks are still in great shape

    it will be back to life in a couple of hours. Al hates the white bumpers. but I can’t wait to show him this with a white bumper

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  • HPI UNO motor

  • Masami won his first world title with Schumacher CAT powered by HPI Uno motor at ’87. the motor I got was released after his winning, with ’87 World Champion lettering and his autograph.

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  • RC10 got pink wheels from tamiya

  • Got the wheels and tried on my ’91 RPM runner. I didn’t cut the rear end of the chassis. so the offset is right for none-offset wheels. the metric adapters are coming too.




    and after


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  • Team Losi strikes back – 2011 Reedy Race