• en I’m into 5v4g than 5y3 with 6v6 tweed amps

  • [EDIT]

    I’m updating this post not to make people confused. I believed B+ is lower with 5v4g than 5y3. but 5v4g is increasing B+ and makes the bias warmer than 5y3. I guess it is the reason I feel the amps are more alive with 5v4g

    and, I noticed the vintage amps still have the original caps from 50’s and early 60’s are more vulnerable with 5v4g to 60hz hum. I’m just guessing leakage of the coupling caps and the filter caps could be the reason. I’m still enjoying 5v4g with the amps with new components. and didn’t have an issue with my 5D3 which has new filter caps. the old Astron coupling caps are still fine with the DC leakage in it. 

    there are more and better info for 5vg and 5y3 rectifiers on the gearpage.net 



    I hook up tweed champ, deluxe, and m-track 2×2 together while I’m playing with youtube music. 5v4g sounds still alive with this stereo and digital setup to me. m-track 2×2 is sharing the one single full bandwidth for usb and instrument input. it sounds good only when you turn the knob to USB or Direct. it sucks when the knob is the center. maybe it’s the reason it’s cheap. 

    it’s the knob on m-track 2×2. don’t buy it if you want to use your guitar amps as monitor speakers and, still for your guitar at the same time. maybe I’m just doing this wrong. 

    0 on April 16, 2019

    tried 5v4g with this modern 5F1 with 10″ ceramic speaker in 5e3 style cabinet. and it seems to be the right place for it. I prefer 5v4g with tweed deluxe to tweed champ. it could be the size of the cabinet and the speaker I guess from this setup. 

    one good thing with modern 5f1 is all the components are new or NOS and it has almost zero 60hz hum. I’m going to exchange 2 prong cable to 3 prong on my old champ and try 5v4g again with it.


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  • en Found a nice humped leather handle on Reverb.com

  • I keep checking out the the leather handles since I had some trouble with fender reissue.

    two different leather handles from Fender. both don’t fit the old champ

    the humped handle in the picture came from this company, Industrial Amps it looks very close to the original ones on fender tweed amps. but, the original seemed to have 3 layers. 

    [udpate] it was 30 something dollars when I found it. and it’s now almost $50. 


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  • I once lost my original handle few months ago. then tried Jayco and Fender handle at the time. the first one I got from fender didn’t fit tweed champ like this.

    two different leather handles from Fender. both don’t fit the old champ

    003-6129-049 arrived today. unfortunately, it doesn’t fit either. this 9″ handle from Fender has identical length to the 50’s original. but the slots are not wide enough. but it still better than 099-0945-049. it looks easy to extend the slots.

    And, I noticed 003-6129-049 fits the original wide panel tweed deluxe. this tweed deluxe currently has Jayco handle on it. they look almost identical to each other. and, I see the sewing stitches are better on Jayco.

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  • 50’s fender leather handle on tweed champ – flat one

  • this original leather handle came with a narrow panel tweed champ. I see 4 layers from this side. 


    the dimensions are like this

    overall length 9″ (23cm)

    handle mount center to center 7″ (17.8cm)

    slot to slot (inside) 6″ (15cm)


    and, I’m using this to protect my leather stuff. belts, shoes, and for this old handle as well.

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  • en Sprague 16uf 475v fits perfect to Astron vintage paper sleeve

  • 5y3 rectifier tube in my 5F1 tweed champ went dead a month ago. and everything was fine after I put a new 5y3 tube.

    then, the same thing happened today. I figured out this 16uf 450V Astron minimite filter cap was the problem.


    Sprague 16uf 475v fits Astron Minimite 16uf 450V paper sleeve. my champ sounds firm and clear than ever with this new cap.

    You need to strip off the blue shrink cover to put it in the paper sleeve as you can see





    Sadly, I’ve lost 2 of these 5y3 tubes from this issue. but still good with the better sounding from this small tweed amp.


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  • 1958 Fender Tweed Champ vs 1957 Fender Tweed Champ reissue

  • 기타 코드를 왼쪽 리이슈와 오른쪽 오리지날에 옮겨 연결하면서 연주합니다.

    소리 성향은 비슷하지만 앰프 주인이 말한 것처럼 리이슈는 담요를 한장 덮은 것 같이 답답합니다. 둘 다 NOS 튜브를 사용했구요. 스피커가 아직 길들지 않은 차이를 감안해도 비슷한 톤에 아주 다른 느낌입니다.


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