• tamiya fast attack original cage parts

  • had a Fast Attack at 80’s. I believe it was ’85 or ’86 when I got it with JR Beat 2 radio. I’m not a big fan of tamiya at all. actually don’t like the way they run the business. they put crappy parts in the kits to make money from their overpriced optional parts with exaggerated advertising claims.

    anyway, Fast Attack was one of their best RC cars to me. it ran straight even on the slippery sruface. the price was good too. they re-released this famous one a couple of weeks before. and, I’m thinking of getting one over. even I got this original cage from rc10talk member Eddie a couple of months ago

    now you can see why I like these parts. re-re FAV came with black cage which cannot be painted or dyed. the black cage is not bad. but I want one from my memory if I get one again

    some nice original pics


    Fast Attack Vehicle 2011

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  • tamiya pink wheels part II

  • It has started from here


    got HPI 6115 today. but there was no spacer for 10mm wheels. all the spacers are for 11mm. but my metric step bit did it’s job well


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  • RC10 got pink wheels from tamiya

  • Got the wheels and tried on my ’91 RPM runner. I didn’t cut the rear end of the chassis. so the offset is right for none-offset wheels. the metric adapters are coming too.




    and after


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  • nice pink wheels from tamiya

  • this Zahhak is based on TRF 201 which is the knockoff of Associated B4. Tech Racing made TRF touring cars for Tamiya. and now Tamiya is copying  BJ4 and B4. what a shame on this!
    you can see tamiya’s own BJ4 from this
    but the wheels themselves are pretty cool. even the pink buggy wheels were kinda trademark of Yokomo
    I was wondering what Zahhak meant. see this if you are
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