• en ’54 Fender Tweed Deluxe 5D3 pics

  • this wide panel tweed deluxe 5d3 came to me with weber 12a125a speaker a few months ago. it was a very good combo and the price was fair with the new skin. but, I couldn’t stand the blue color of 12a125a. everything else was good to me and my friends.

    I’ve tried a like new ’51 p12r without bell, re-coned ’53 p12r came out ’54 5C3, black ’61 p12n, and this ’51 p12q.

    p12q is known as one of the original speakers for fender tweed deluxe. but didn’t have a chance to play with p12q before. 

    p12q breaks up early like p12r. it was my first question while I was searching this speaker. and the question has solved.

    I was obsessed with vintage jensen speakers a while ago. especially with p12n. but it didn’t work well with 5d3 because of the breakup point. or the family and the neighbors. 

    then p12q came into my mind. the sound was great like p12n even at the lower volume. and breaks up early enough like p12r in my imaginary world before I actually got this speaker. and it came true. I love this setup and won’t change the speaker again. 


    #fender #tweed #5d3 #P12R #P12N #P12Q



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  • 스피커 다이어프램(콘)은 대부분 이렇게 생겼습니다.


    저렇게 동심원으로 주름이 있고, 이걸 올록볼록해서 ribbed cone 이라고 합니다. 반면에 smooth cone은 저런 동심원이 없습니다.

    그 전까지는 별로 관심이 없던 영역이었습니다. 그러다가 최근에 smooth cone이 달린 50년대 P12P 스피커를 가지고 놀아봤습니다.

    스피커로 사람 목소리나 녹음된 음악만 틀던 시절에는 ribbed cone이 없었답니다. 50년대에 기타앰프들이 나오던 시기와 ribbed cone이 나온 시기가 같더라구요. 기타 소리를 표현하기에 smooth cone은 너무 일찍(낮은 볼륨에서) 브레이크업 상태로 들어갑니다.  이렇게 크런치로 넘어가는 시점을 뒤로 미루기 위해 ribbed cone이 나왔습니다. 그렇지 않으면 불필요하게 스피커의 출력 자체를 높여서 여유를 둬야 하니까요.

    15와트 전후의 50년대 P12R (일반적인 ribbed cone)하고 25와트 P12P smooth cone의 브레이크업 시점이 비슷한걸 보면 구조적으로 이걸 조절한건 대단한 발명이네요.

    그런데 오래된 사용한 smooth cone 스피커들을 보니 자연적으로 동심원 모양의 물결이 생긴 것들이 보입니다. 어떤 스피커들은 일부러 만든것처럼 균일한 간격으로 무늬가 생기더라구요. 에너지를 분산하기 위해서 생기는 자연 현상을 이용한게 ribbed cone이네요. 그럼 smooth cone은 길들면서 소리나 breakup 시점이 조금씩 변하겠구나 싶습니다.

    그러고 보면, 진공관을 고를때도 그렇고 스피커도 그렇고 브레이크업이 시점은 기타용 앰프에서는 무의식적으로 가장 먼저 고려하는 요소네요.

    smooth cone 스피커를 일부러 찾아서 쓸 것 같지는 않지만, 있으면 어떻게 쓸지 이제 알겠습니다.

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  • en 50’s Jensen P12R restoration has begun

  • a close friend gave me his NOS or like new silver p12r speaker for my tweed deluxe 5d3 a few months ago. then I got me a P12N which I like for the last 15 years. 

    but, I couldn’t help myself to search the original p12r with the bell. I mean p12r from the same era with the same color.

    I dropped by his place a couple of days ago. he showed me this p12r pulled out of his 5C3 a while ago. it was the present for me and my 5d3. I ordered a speaker cone looked like the original even before I knew he had this. and I like the black switchcraft 1/4 plug which I’ve been after. 


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  • en Fender – Jensen speaker phase were reversed in 50’s tweed amps

  • I just tried 9V battery trick for 50’s Fender Champ 5F1 and Deluxe 5D3. and the speaker wiring turned out being reversed. both of them still have the factory wiring.

    And, both of them move backward (to the magnets) when they wired 9V + to the white wire, and – pole to the black wire.

    They mostly say there is no absolute speaker phase unless they are in the same cabinet. at the same time, many people say the speaker cones move forward when they hooked up in the right direction with 9V battery.

    Fortunately, 9V battery didn’t kill my 8″ Champ speaker, nor 12″ Deluxe speaker. but I’ve read some cases this trick killed their speakers.

    I’m not sure with 50’s and 60’s Jensen speaker’s correct phase. but, I started to believe Fender hooked them up this way. I’ve seen only 2 cases. and will update if I come across any Jensen speaker with different phase.



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  • en 50’s Jensen P12R and P12N output power – from tdpri.com

  • found this nice and old datasheet probably was a part of the Jensen brochure. and it’s great to see the exact output of the 50’s Jensen speakers. P12R was the stock speaker for tweed deluxe. and now I can see why it came with tweed deluxe. btw, P12R and P12Q share the same bell cover. and you cannot install P12N and P12P with the bell in tweed deluxe because of the size.

    P12R = 12watt

    P12N = 18watt

    and, this thread in the same forum says

    P12Q = 14watt

    P12P = 16watt




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