• I once lost my original handle few months ago. then tried Jayco and Fender handle at the time. the first one I got from fender didn’t fit tweed champ like this.

    two different leather handles from Fender. both don’t fit the old champ

    003-6129-049 arrived today. unfortunately, it doesn’t fit either. this 9″ handle from Fender has identical length to the 50’s original. but the slots are not wide enough. but it still better than 099-0945-049. it looks easy to extend the slots.

    And, I noticed 003-6129-049 fits the original wide panel tweed deluxe. this tweed deluxe currently has Jayco handle on it. they look almost identical to each other. and, I see the sewing stitches are better on Jayco.

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  • 50’s fender leather handle on tweed champ – flat one

  • this original leather handle came with a narrow panel tweed champ. I see 4 layers from this side. 


    the dimensions are like this

    overall length 9″ (23cm)

    handle mount center to center 7″ (17.8cm)

    slot to slot (inside) 6″ (15cm)


    and, I’m using this to protect my leather stuff. belts, shoes, and for this old handle as well.

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  • fender tweed humped handle from El Dorado straps

  • https://eldoradostraps.com/product/amp-handles/vintage-style-amp-handle/

    it’s the only correct 3 ply humped handle on the market I found so far. and the price looks reasonable to me. but the shipping charge is $13.95 to california by USPS priority mail. 

    there are few more humped handles out there. but most of them look funny or too thin. 

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  • two different leather handles from Fender. both don’t fit the old champ

  • I bought this fender leather handle to replace my old one on ’59 champ. actually it was not replacing. the original handle broke to 3 pieces on a street few weeks ago. the tweed cabinet was fine without any harm. 

     I didn’t know there were 2 different handles for tweed amps at the moment what I got it. and I’m updating this post not to make people confused.

    the handle I got was too short for the vintage tweed amps. I barely put it on my champ after extending the slots. the part # is 099-0945-000. 



    found this too late. 003-6129-049.

    but, it’s good to know fender has the right one for tweed amps

    UPDATE – 003-6129-049 doesn’t fit the original champ either




    I’m updating this post more than a few times. and, this handle is the one I put on my tweed champ without any trouble. and it works for tweed deluxe as well.


    this one looks pretty much like the original, and it feels very firm with 2 ply structure while the original had 4 layers. maybe more than 4. but it looks like that.

    I’d be stuck with this Jayco repro handle without trying 003-6129-049. it feels great and secure. all they are not the original. but handles are not the tone caps or tubes anyway.

    and, this humped one looks good with the original 3 ply structure and shape.


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