• Still in early days, Blockchain is rich with possibility.

  • Digital security expert Dan Boneh offers a primer on blockchain, the much-talked-about foundation for Bitcoin and other next-gen apps. While cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum gather the lion’s share of headlines, few know that these “killer apps” are just the first generation of products based on a relatively new ledger-like technology called blockchain.

    Founder of the Center for Blockchain Research at Stanford, Dan Boneh says that blockchain is generating a swell of excitement among coders and computer scientists not witnessed since the earliest days of the internet. While the true killer apps are still to come, Boneh says it is never too early to contemplate what blockchain is, where things might be headed and what the consequences might be on a personal, financial and societal level.

    From cryptokitties to mining bitcoin, host Russ Altman and guest cybersecurity expert Dan Boneh explore the state of blockchain as we know it. You can listen to their “Future of Everything” podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/user-458541487/blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-with-guest-dan-boneh

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    0 on March 16, 2019

    it’s more about sharing and verifying the data. I believe it will be a common tech pretty soon. maybe already is

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  • en Which methods are the best examples of data mining?

  • Data mining is not just the art of extracting new information; In fact, it is about identifying new patterns from data that you’ve already collected. Here are 10 best examples of data mining methods and techniques:

    1. Cluster analysis to identify target groups
    2. Regression analysis to bring on marketing forecasts
    3. Classification analysis to spot on spams and more
    4. Anomaly detection to identify abnormalities
    5. Intrusion detection for system security
    6. Rule learning to recognize links between data
    7. Decision trees analysis to improve on project risk management
    8. Neural network application for automated learning
    9. Induction rule to prefigure data-based analysis
    10. Data warehousing

    via @BMM Read the full article here: https://www.bmmagazine.co.uk/business/which-methods-are-the-best-examples-of-data-mining/

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