• en Elliot Mechanics – Mechanicland Strat Neck pictures

  • got this brazilian strat neck a couple of years ago. it has refinished before. unfortunately, it’s urethan finish on it.  it still ages well though.

    trussrod nut and the decal have replaced at 90’s by the owner before me. and I don’t think this Mechanicland neck came with the decal. the decal on the head is definitely a aftermarket product. and it looks funny a bit

    everything else is great with this beautiful with brazilian fretboard. and, sounds stunning along with this light ash (not swamp ash) body


    #mechanicland #strat #brazilian

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  • ko 안동 카페, CAFE LIFE 전시


    안동시 동부동, 안동에 맘모스와 함께 당근케익과 커피와

    생강라테와 참마우유가 특히 맛나다고 소문난 안동의 카페의 시조격인 곳.

    지역의 아티스트들에게 무료 전시공간으로도 겸한 곳이다.

    지난 1월중순부터 3월 15일까지는 삼형제의 그림 전시였다 .


    Jay ,Jake, Jin 삼형제가 7살 때부터 현재, 17살때까지 그림들을 모아 가진 전시였다.





    #안동 #카페라이프 #그림 #전시

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  • en 1/8″ custom towers for Hot Dog 4

  • they are 5mm extended front tower and the rear tower with the original shape. the original towers have extra holes for shock mounting. and they were not strong enough. the new towers are strong enough with this thick g10 epoxy material.

    870c shocks are beautiful and they leak. and they are beautiful enough to set on this shelfer.











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  • en 5D3 tweed deluxe with the factory original P12R

  • my jenen P12R came back from the re-cone job at my local speaker repair shop. this new cone I got off ebay doesn’t look like the original as I expected. but it still sounds very close to my silver P12R speaker came from the friend who gave me this P12R. 

    50’s Jensen P12R restoration has begun

    this tweed deluxe 5D3 came from December 1954. and the speaker came from a ’54 5C3. the date code one the speaker is 1953. they are like a family. 

    it’s not easy to pick only one speaker for my tweed deluxe so far. P12n is a great sounding speaker with it’s chime and volume. but I want a jensen which is crispy at the lower volume. maybe the bell cover doesn’t affect the sound. but me and the friends tested two different jensen p12r came from the same era. and the result was different at low volume in 5C3. and most of all, p12r looks way better with the bell. 

    it sounds really good with it’s look. even I like that red safety sticker on the bell. 


    #fender #tweed #5d3 #p12r #12n



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  • Caviar’s Word2Vec Tagging For Menu Item Recommendations

  • google found me this from “word2vec visualizaion” and it looks useful for our topic modelling tag clouds we are working on.


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  • a bird behind curtain

  • Jin’s birds


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  • 안동 한복집

  •   안동 한복, 이혜숙 한복 #안동 #한복

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