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  • en play this song through your tweed amps

  • mono is good enough and you can run this song through two amps. I still recommend you to have at least one tweed amp with well broken speaker and the tubes.


    The Pre-Show with Dave & Gary featuring the one and only Donna Jean Godchaux goes live at 8pm ET / 5pm PT – Link: https://youtu.be/v4hIP9Y0OHsGrateful Dead a…


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  • en another 5F6A build with 15

  • I somewhat like it



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  • en Fender 5F6A 4×10″

  • finished the chassis months ago. but my favorite cabinet builder had to take care of someone for a while. then I got the chance to put the chassis, speakers, and the cabinet together last week. I prefer 1×15″ setup, but this stock setup is also great of course


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  • en Yokomo YR-4 special

  • there were more than one, at least two different YR-4 Special models I remember. this one is one of them. it came with carbon graphite top deck, shocks towers, and the chassis. the top deck was fragile and everyone knew it. at the same time everyone wanted to try it as well.

    this YR4 special is pretty much with stock parts except for Tech Racing shock mounting hardware which looks brilliant.

    I don’t have any plan for a racing track in a near future. but this white bulkhead caps brought a magical moment like the one I had yesterday. yeah it’s and addictive hobby. maybe all the hobbies are



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  • en Bassman 5F6A build

  • with a 15″ alnico speaker like the early Bassman.



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  • en 12″ wide panel cabinet for 5F1 aging job

  • it has done by my teenage daughter. she’s getting better every time


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  • en tweed replicas Bassman, Deluxe, and Champ

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  • en working on 5F6A Bassman

  • 5F6A came with two, maybe slightly more different versions. V2 cathode bypass cap and tone stack are the differences. I’m trying both of the versions


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  • en Fender Tweed Deluxe 5A3 pics

  • brought this back to life for a friend. someone, probably more than one person seemed to try it before. but it sounded dull when it came to me.

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  • en Leesta Vall Direct-To-Vinyl Live Session

  • came from a friend who is a member of Women of the Night


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  • ko 최근 만든 펜더 트위드 리플리카

  • 소자와 스피커, 진공관을 구하기에 아직은 좋은 시절입니다. 


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  • en my recent 5E3 build

  • they are my recent build with some vintage components like Philips caps made in Holland and Roederstein caps made in W. Germany.

    one of cabinets is 18″ wide version like the early 5E3. Fender changed the width to 20″ right after some of the transition models. even there were wide panel 5E3 at ’55.

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  • nl Mineri – Raning Flower

  • Guitar / Vocal 임정규 Jungkyu Lim Bass / Drums / Backing Vocal 이규배 Kyubae Lee Mix / Mastering Duane Lauginiger (Time Castle Recordings)


    Artwork Jake Kim 김재익

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  • ko 센트럴시티, 경부선 고속버스 택배 접수위치가 통합되었네요.

  • 큰 박스를 들고 센트럴시티로 갔다가 다시 경부선 쪽으로 갔다가.. 결국 경부선 건물 반대편 끝까지 가야 했습니다.

    경부선, 호남선 모두 제로데이택배 라는 업체로 통합이 되었구요. 도착지점 상관없이 모두 이곳에서 접수합니다.

    센트럴시티 주차장 그냥 지나고, 경부선 주차장 그냥 지나고 세번재 입구로 들어가야 합니다. 사무실은 밖에서 보이는 위치에 있구요.

    전화번호는 1588-5295 입니다.

    아.. 당일 오후 5시까지는 당일 찾을 수 있고, 오후 5시 이후 접수분은 다음날 찾을 수 있답니다.


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  • en 5F1 Champ B+ voltage with 5y3, 5u4, 5r4, and 5v4g rectifier tubes

  • 5y3gt 354v

    5r4 365v

    5u4 373v

    5v4g 384v

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  • ko Inside of JMI Tone Bender III reissue

  • 몇주 전에 소리를 들어보고는 마음에 들어서 빌려왔습니다. 가지고 놀면서 찾아보니 BPC 에서 만든 것도 보이던데, 이건 JMI 입니다. 60년대 톤벤던 III는 Sola Sound가 만들어서 Vox 상표로 팔린 것 같습니다. 같은 이름과 회로, 비슷한 것들이 엄청나게 많다는 정도만 알고 있습니다.

    퍼즈는 이것저것 주위에서 쓰니까 접할 기회가 많습니다. 게르마늄 퍼즈도 기타처럼 같은 모델이라고 해도 하나하나 다 다르게 느껴집니다.

    리이슈라서 요즘 PCB입니다. 풋스위치 배선을 보니 트루바이패스네요. 예전 영국산 페달들은 Arrow & Hart 풋스위치를 썼는데, 요즘은 대부분 미국회사인 Carling 스위치를 쓰네요. 어짜피 둘다 이제는 멕시코에서 만드니 품질은 같을겁니다.

    멀라드 OC75 세개가 들어있습니다. 이 퍼즈 소리가 마음에 들어서 비슷하게 개조하려고 Bum Fuzz를 구했습니다. 세세하게는 다르지만 전체적으로는 비슷합니다. Bum Fuzz는 B&M fuzz의 복각이고 Jumbo Tone Bender 회로라서 그냥 대충 봐도 저항과 캐퍼시터가 두배쯤 더 많고, 얘는 상대적으로 단순합니다.

    OC75는 유리관에 들어있는 게르마늄트랜지스터로 0.125W 저출력입니다. 60년대 게르마늄 트랜지스터는 용도에 따라 동작주파수가 다른데 얘는 0.1MHz로 동작합니다. 이 정도면 원래 오디오 신호용이 맞는 것 같습니다.

    Youtube에서 샘플을 하나 찾았습니다.

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  • Pignose 7-100 from 70’s with Germanium transistors

  • Grabbed this Pignose 7-100 off reverb.com recently. the seller believed it didn’t work while I believed I could fix it. the price was really good for the reason.

    It was a luck. this little thing works fine without any issue. I see 4 Germanium transistors on the circuit board and expected a different sound than the current product. but it sounds pretty much close to the new ones.



    According to the schematic I got  from https://music-electronics-forum.com/showthread.php?t=8790 , it has 4 transistors. 

    Two of the germanium transistors (in the black housings) are sitting around the black hood which covers transformers. they seem to be 2SB324H. and I barely see 2SB172A and 2SB175B on the circuit board.


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  • en 1955 Feder Tweed Deluxe 5E3 pics

  • brought this home to change the filter caps for a friend. my favorite tweed deluxe is 5D3. but love this one too


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  • en 5F1 champ 10″ version with wide panel cabinet

  • I’m testing a couple of different chassis while breaking in the cabinet. at least a few weeks to months I guess. took some pics with priceton 5D2 and 5B3 deluxe to see the size


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  • en tweed princeton 5D2 came back to life

  • I came across this tweed princeton a couple of days ago. it had more than few issues with the pots, electrolytic caps, wires, grounding, input jacks and one of the resistors.

    and it sounds beautiful like a win instrument with the new components.


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