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  • Pignose 7-100 from 70’s with Germanium transistors

  • Grabbed this Pignose 7-100 off recently. the seller believed it didn’t work while I believed I could fix it. the price was really good for the reason.

    It was a luck. this little thing works fine without any issue. I see 4 Germanium transistors on the circuit board and expected a different sound than the current product. but it sounds pretty much close to the new ones.



    According to the schematic I got  from , it has 4 transistors. 

    Two of the germanium transistors (in the black housings) are sitting around the black hood which covers transformers. they seem to be 2SB324H. and I barely see 2SB172A and 2SB175B on the circuit board.


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  • en 1955 Feder Tweed Deluxe 5E3 pics

  • brought this home to change the filter caps for a friend. my favorite tweed deluxe is 5D3. but love this one too


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  • en 5F1 champ 10″ version with wide panel cabinet

  • I’m testing a couple of different chassis while breaking in the cabinet. at least a few weeks to months I guess. took some pics with priceton 5D2 and 5B3 deluxe to see the size


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  • en tweed princeton 5D2 came back to life

  • I came across this tweed princeton a couple of days ago. it had more than few issues with the pots, electrolytic caps, wires, grounding, input jacks and one of the resistors.

    and it sounds beautiful like a win instrument with the new components.


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  • en Fender Mustang GT40 amp external speaker mod

  • did a simple job for a friend. he has some extra 50’s Jensen speakers and wanted to use them with this GT40 amp.

    he told me GT40 has mono and stereo output mode. so, we decided to leave one of the 6.5″ speakers as it was. then put a long thread 1/4 jack on the other output.

    the only place I found for the internal/external switch was the inside of the bass reflex vent on the back. the back panel itself is too thick to attach the switch.








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  • en 5×4 tweed champ project

  • only the speakers I got so far and the cab will be done in a month give or take. they are 5″ alnico speaker Fisher branded. the frame looks like Oxford and I believe they came from Oxford.


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  • en fender 1952 5B3 tweed deluxe restoration

  • it took a while to get the original Astron mimimite capacitors for re-stuff. came to 33uf + 22uf + 22uf and it turned out great with zero hum and Fender tweed deluxe voicing. it’s funny I met this amp a while back. a friend of mine had it. then another friend owns it now



    tried P12N and came back to the original smooth cone P12R after fixed the voice coil rub.


    it was like this when it came to me. the voltage dropping resistor fell off once I touched the soldering joint with my iron for 0.1 sec. a bit scary I could say.


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  • ko Belton 진공관 소켓이 한국회사였네요

  • 며칠 전에 우연히 알게 되었습니다. 그걸 모르고 미국서 주문해서 쓰고는 했었습니다. 운송비까지 생각하면 세배 정도의 비용이었습니다. 이렇게 좋은 품질의 진공관 소켓이 우리나라에서 만들어지고 있다는게 기분 좋네요.

    Belton 홈페이지에서 바로 구매가 가능합니다.


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  • en blog skin design


    client want it looks simple and use red,white,black. his blog is about IT  and Gaming


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  • ko Amperex – 암페렉스 12ax7 59년 9월, 60년 2월

  • 기타 앰프에서 V1이나 Pi에 진공관을 바꾸고 이미 알던 소리인데도 놀랄 때가 있습니다. 좋은 관이 정말 많더라구요. 푸시풀 앰프에서는 그 선택의 폭이 넓은데, 저는 트위드 챔프나 프린스톤과 같은 싱글 엔디드에서는 항상 2가지로 좁혀지더라구요. 그 중 하나가 Amperex i6 입니다.

    왼쪽에 있는 애는 1960년 2월, 오른쪽은 1959년 9월입니다. 마침 이 시기에 패키지도 바뀌고 Buggle Boy 로고도 바뀌었습니다. 버글보이 로고는 몇가지 있던데 그렇게 열심히 본 적은 없네요.

    두개 모두 i61입니다. 당연히 𝛥(delta) Heerlen 생산품이구요. 제가 쓰는 캐쏘드 바이패스 캡도 그렇고 필립스, 그 중에서도 홀란드 덕을 계속 보고 있습니다.

    암페렉스는 심지어 상태가 좋지 못한 앰프에서도 소리가 좋습니다. RCA 롱 블랙플레이트는 필터캡, 캐쏘드 바이패스 캡, 그리고 제일 중요한 스피커까지 모두 제대로 되었을 때 짐승같은 장작불 질감이 나옵니다. 늘 하는 얘기지만 얘들과 메탈 6v6, 혹은 6v6gt/g 조합은 살아있는 생명같습니다.

    홀란드 공장과 멀라드의 블랙번 공장 좋습니다. 놀라운 i61, i63, i65를 다 만나봤고 어느 것이 더 좋고 부족함이 없지만 언제부터인가 이 Buggle Boy로고를 좋아하게 되었습니다. 관심이 전혀 없던 시절도 있었는데 결국 소리가 좋으니까 어느 순간에 각인이 되더라구요.

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  • en Monday’s Thoughts …

  • It’s Monday, the weekend is over and I’m glad another day has almost finished. The days now get longer and time flies by so incredibly fast that I feel I am getting old too quick. What have I done with my life the past few years? How does it come that I end up like a wooden shipwreck on the ocean’s bottom? I don’t know. But asking myself this question every morning when I get up from this old uncomfortable mattress. So tired that I wish I could sleep forever and not waking up again. Yes, it feels exactly like this.

    Last year I lost simply everything, car, insurances, my small apartment including furniture and all other stuff due of being too kind to somebody who took advantage of me. I am not highly educated nor skilled in professions, that’s why I’ve had worked my entire life so far, since I am 15, as laborer on construction sites. Could not build up savings. Now with 34 years my back, hands and knees are done from this work. Had to move to my mother’s & sister’s apartment for a short time, both had to move to my sister’s father because of his disability he needed help in his everyday life.

    So, I was homeless almost three months at the beginning of this year. Slept in basements or abandoned buildings. What a terrible experience this was you can imagine for yourself. Now I have a small room for the nights and have to share the place where I am currently with others. Constantly seeking for small job gigs in this rural area, which is almost impossible because of no industry and demographic issues. Have been searching for help the past few months without any success. The truth is, I could ask all eight billion people on this planet, but no one would give me the needed help to end this nightmare. Which is understandable of course.

    What can you do when you need help but there is no one who’s listening, no friends, since they left due of my situation, family has their own issues and cannot be of a help, if there is no solution? You accept this after a time, and just hope that someday in the near future all ends, and then you can sleep for eternity. It shouldn’t sound negative or sad but at this point I am no longer able to look forward. I do not see any future.

    My only and probably last solution is moving to the next bigger city. Could work there as car painter and even make some good salary. But I cannot simply move or rent a small apartment, since I have nothing to go there. No savings to pay rental deposit, or to get a few pieces of furniture, to ride out the first few weeks until getting paid. No one will help you when you are in such situation as I am now, but I understand this totally. I have tried long enough to find somebody who is able to lend me a small loan for this move to a better future. It’s not about a handout, because I want to pay it back. It’s also about ending a nightmare and starting a new life, this is what organisations or banks do not understand.

    So, I simply accept the fact that my life is done. Let’s be honest.. There is no option, any help or magic force that will grant you a wish. Life or the world in generally is not like this. I am not sad or depressive, because I have accepted my destiny and unfortunately we cannot change our destiny. I will be happy again when all has ended, and I can finally sleep. For eternity.


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  • en old sprague caps re-stuffing with Philips caps

  • old Philips caps from Holland factory and German Roederstien are my favorite for filter caps and cathode bypass caps.

    I cut the aluminum cans and put Philips caps inside of 70’s Sprague paper sleeve caps.


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  • de Home Office: 6 Tipps für die Karriere von zuhause aus

  • Für Freiberufler oft nichts Neues, für Angestellte aber schon: Arbeiten von zu Hause aus. In Zeiten des Internets kein Problem. Selbst effektives Teamwork ist möglich, dank diverser Online-Tools für Gruppen-Chats oder Plattformen für die Erstellung von Dokumenten mit mehreren Autoren in Echtzeit. So weit, so gut. Für unerfahrene Homeoffice-Neulinge allerdings birgt der Umzug des Job-Alltags in den privaten Bereich eine ganze Reihe von Hürden und Fallstricken.

    Vor allem die Gefahr der Ablenkung ist groß. Wer Kinder oder einen Hund hat, weiß, was gemeint ist. Familientrubel und fokussiertes Arbeiten schließen einander grundsätzlich aus.

    Hier sind 6 elementare Tipps für euch zusammengestellt, die dir die Arbeit im Homeoffice wesentlich erleichtern und zugleich verhindern sollen, dass es im schlimmsten Fall zum Karrierekiller wird.

    1. Arbeitsraum sichern

    Wer bereits ein Arbeitszimmer in der Wohnung hat, ist fein raus. Meistens ist dies aber nicht der Fall, weshalb es wichtig ist, einen Raum oder zumindest einen Bereich der Wohnung für einen festen Zeitraum täglich zum Arbeitsraum zu erklären. Das Wohnzimmer beispielsweise. Es hat während der Arbeitszeiten für andere Familienmitglieder tabu zu sein. Der Esstisch kann den Schreibtisch ersetzen. Wenn Videokonferenzen oder Gruppen-Chats zu deinem Workflow gehören, achte darauf, dass der Bildhintergrund nicht zu “privat” wirkt. Eventuelles Chaos bitte beiseite räumen. Ein Bücherregal oder eine schlichte Wand mit wenigen Bildern sind ideal. Ein laufender Fernseher ist es nicht.

    2. Pflege- und Outfit-Check

    Zugegeben: Es ist verlockend, in Shorts und T-Shirt mit dem Frühstückskaffee in der Hand aus der Küche an den Rechner zu schlurfen. Großer Fehler! Geh auch “innerlich” zur Arbeit. Duschen, kämmen und etwas Vernünftiges anziehen sind Pflicht. Wenn du an Videokonferenzen teilnimmst, versteht sich das ohnehin von selbst. Aber auch ohne visuelle Kontakte zu den Kollegen hilft dir die morgendliche Routine, den Profi in dir zu wecken. Die Erfahrung zeigt: Auch am Telefon klingt man frisch geduscht und gut angezogen gleich viel professioneller. Sobald du startklar bist, beginne direkt mit der Arbeit, ohne erst noch im Netz zu daddeln oder Zeitung zu lesen. Bleib in Schwung!

    3. Gib Versuchungen keine Chance

    Ablenkungen sind im Homeoffice unbedingt vorzubeugen. Mal eben eine Runde staubsaugen, schnell was einkaufen, kurz mit dem Hund raus und auch der oben erwähnte Fernseher haben während der regulären Arbeitszeit Pause. Apropos Pause: Auch im Homeoffice gelten ganz normale Pausenzeiten wie im Büro deiner Firma, nur dass du die Zeit frei gestalten kannst und sie nicht in der Kantine verbringen musst. Das allein ist schon ziemlich cool und freut auch den Hund/den Partner/die Kinder/die Freunde: You name it.

    4. Arbeitszeiten einhalten. Freizeiten aber auch

    Vergiss nicht, Feierabend zu machen! Nur weil du theoretisch 24/7 erreichbar bist, heißt das nicht, dass du auch rund um die Uhr verfügbar sein musst. Berufliche Mails, die spät abends oder in der Nacht eintrudeln, können in der Regel ignoriert bzw. erst am nächsten Morgen beantwortet werden. Die Gefahr ist groß, einfach weiterzuwerkeln, besonders dann, wenn du auch nach Feierabend gerne Zeit am Rechner verbringst.

    Tipp: Etabliere nach Möglichkeit Kernarbeitszeiten, damit deine Kollegen wissen, wann du erreichbar bist und wann nicht.

    5. Privates und Berufliches trennen

    Enorm wichtig: Versuche während der Arbeitszeit nicht privat im Internet herumzusurfen oder Freunde anzurufen! Damit verwässerst du die Arbeitszeit und kommst deinen Aufgaben immer weniger nach. Zudem verwischen Privates und Berufliches immer mehr, weshalb es zusehends schwerer wird, nach der Arbeit abzuschalten.

    6. Kontakt halten

    Versuche, dich nach Möglichkeit einmal pro Woche in der Firma sehen zu lassen. Beispielsweise in der Mittagspause beim Essen mit Kollegen oder dem Chef. Es ist wichtig, den Flurfunk und mögliche Personaldebatten mitzubekommen. Außerdem kannst du so zeigen, dass du Teil des Teams bist und ggf. deine Leistungen ins richtige Licht rücken. Da sich der direkte Kontakt in Zeiten von Corona oft verbietet, nutze Telefonate dazu, mehr über die Stimmung im Office und die “weichen” Themen deines Teams zu erfahren, damit du auch hier auf der Höhe bleibst.

    Arbeiten im Homeoffice kann eine deutliche Verbesserung der Lebensqualität bringen. Zum einen sparst du die kostbare Zeit, die du im Berufsverkehr vergeudest. Zum anderen arbeitest du deutlich effizienter, weil Unterbrechungen aufgrund von Meetings oder kleiner Schwätzchen am Kaffeeautomaten entfallen. Du wirst dich wundern, wie effektiv die Arbeit von zu Hause aus sein kann. Vorausgesetzt, du beherzigst die vorgenannten Tipps, kann dein neues „Leistungshoch“ sogar zum echten Karriere-Booster werden.

    Was denkst du über Homeoffice? Hast du weitere Tipps für die Community?

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  • ko 고장난 5F1 챔프 복각 살리기

  • 캐비넷이 마음에 들지 않는 비율로 더 크고 두껍고 무겁습니다. 10″ 스피커 들어갈 크기입니다. 처음 데리고 왔을 때, 스피커에 터미널을 지지하는 베이클라이트, 혹은 비슷한 걸로 만들어진 판이 깨져 있었습니다. 소자들도 허공에 매달려 있었고, 30와트 푸시풀 사이즈의 아웃풋 트랜스포머가 매달려 있었습니다. 나사 두개는 섀시에 고정되어 있고 나머지 둘은 글루건으로 발라놨던데 그게 고정되어 있을 턱이 없구요.


    Heyboer OT를 저렴하게 ebay에서 구했습니다. 1차가 5K라 선택의 여지가 없었습니다. 따로 구한 Merit 5W 2차 3.2옴, 1차 11K는 이상하게 고주파 노이즈만 나오고 동작을 안하고 있습니다. 지금 다른 OT를 또 찾아보고 있습니다.



    지금 모습이 위에 있는 사진입니다. 스프라그 70년대 Atom Lytic 종이캡 두개에는 예전 필립스 450v 22uf가 들어가 있습니다. 종이캡 안에 있는 알루미늄 캔을 자르고 채워넣었습니다. 내열 테잎으로 안에 흔들리거나 눌리지 않도록 했구요.

    성능을 포함한 모든게 마음에 듭니다.


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  • ko 5F1 챔프 메탈 6v6 진공관

  • 50년대 중반 트위드 앰프들은 6v6 메탈관을 달고 나온게 제법 있습니다. 6v6gt의 gt는 glass tube 약자입니다. 메탈 6v6과 6v6gt, 그리고 그 이전의 규격인 6v6g, 6v6gt/g, 6v6gta 등은 규격이 약간씩 다릅니다. 딜럭스 같은 푸시풀은 6v6gta 처럼 출력이 약간 높은 관도 좋지만 챔프에는 6v6gt/g 처럼 게인이 약간 낮아서 질감이 좋은 관을 주로 쓰고 있습니다.

    지금 이 메탈관을 쓰고 있는 5f1은 오리지날이 아니고 복각입니다. 오리지날 Astron 커플링캡도 넣어주고 거의 사용 흔적이 없는 50년대 jensen 스피커도 넣어줬지만 기본적으로 처음 빌드한 사람의 실수가 많았고 이후에 수리한 공방에서도 엉망으로 해둔거라 제대로 살리는데 시간이 좀 걸렸습니다.

    6v6 메탈관 단점은 너무 뜨겁다는 거구요. 이런 이유로 사용하는 사람들이 이제는 별로 없습니다. 저도 NOS관과 이걸 하나씩 가지고 있었는데 NOS는 막상 테스트해보니 hum이 있어서 얘를 계속 쓰고 있습니다.

    성향은 6v6gt/g 처럼 텍스쳐가 살아있고 트위드 특유의, 정확하게는 좋은 앰프들 특유의 공간감, 관악기 같은 호흡, 드라이브 질감 모두 좋습니다. 유리관의 찰랑거리는 맛과는 조금 다르지만 알니코 스피커와의 궁합은 여전히 좋습니다.

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  • en endless Youtube music thread

  • post any music you want to share











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  • incomplete slowbean music (not official) page design

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  • en Things seem a little strange?

  • What is reality?

    How real are you? What if everything you are, everything you know, all the people in your life as well as all the events were not physically there but just a very elaborate simulation?

    Philosopher Nick Bostrom famously considered this in his seminal paper “Are you living in a computer simulation?,” where he proposed that all of our existence may be just a product of very sophisticated computer simulations ran by advanced beings whose real nature we may never be able to know.

    Now a new theory has come along that takes it a step further – what if there are no advanced beings either and everything in “reality” is a self-simulation that generates itself from pure thought?

    We could simply be part of an ancestor simulation, engineered by posthumans. Even the process of evolution itself could just be a mechanism by which the future beings are testing countless processes, purposefully moving humans through levels of biological and technological growth. In this way they also generate the supposed information or history of our world. Ultimately, we wouldn’t know the difference.

    But where does the physical reality that would generate the simulations comes from, wonder the researchers? Their hypothesis takes a non-materialistic approach, saying that everything is information expressed as thought. As such, the universe “self-actualizes” itself into existence, relying on underlying algorithms and a rule they call “the principle of efficient language.”

    Excerpt – Click link for complete article:

    Picture: Your posthuman great grandchild ponders your fossilized skull and wonders what inspired you to reach for the stars.

    There you have it friends. Yes, this paper is groundbreaking and recently published but it is just what I have been thinking here for almost a decade or more and what the Buddha taught, to those with ears to hear and eyes to see, twenty-five hundred years ago.

    Flesh is temporary, transient and only stuff like the dust of the Earth. Life is something precious which is eternal and animates flesh upon the Earth and in this state we become capable of action, karma. When we die we no longer act we become “stuff” once again.

    #science #technology #consciousness #philosophy #life

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  • ko 트위드 덕에 만난 진공관들

  • 운 좋게 만난 관들이 있습니다.

    59년 챔프에 들어있던 59년 RCA 롱 블랙 플레이트

    흔하고 가격도 좋고 소리도 좋은  Sylvania 6v6gt

    GE 6087

    62년 챔프에 들어있던 Amperex 12ax7 버글보이

    59년산 NOS 버글보이

    50년대 후반 NOS RCA 롱 블랙플레이트 2개

    텔레풍켄 ecc83

    Ken-Rad 6v6gt/g

    앰프를 보내게 되면 제일 좋은 조합을 만들고 그리고 나서도 시도하고 싶은 것들이 또 있습니다.

    좋은 앰프, 스피커, 캐비넷, 진공관 이런 조합을 찾으면 기분도 좋고 든든합니다.

    앞으로 50년은 살아있을 필터캡을 넣어주고 나면 캐쏘드 바이패스캡으로 또 생각이 옮겨가고 그러네요.

    진공관 앰프, 특히나 펜더 트위드가 참 좋습니다.

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  • ko 빨간 재봉틀

  • 아버지는 월급 봉투를 보지도 않고 그냥 가져다 주시기도 했고

    보지도 않고 꺼내서 술을 사시고는 여전히 남은 금액도 모르고 봉투를 꺼내시기도 했습니다.

    봉투도 없고 설명도 없고 묻지 않아도 괜찮은 성격들이었습니다.

    TV가 재미 있기도 하지만 별 관심이 없기도 하고

    그래도 늘 음악을 들었습니다.

    외할머니 진공관 라디오

    삼촌이 가지고 오신 라디오는 금성 상표를 달고 있었고

    같은 라디오에 다른 상표를 단 라디오가 미군 PX를 거쳐 아버지께 하나 왔습니다.

    할머니의 앉은뱅이 재봉틀 빨간 자개는 늘 거슬렸습니다.

    서랍은 엉망으로 만들었고 경첩은 튼튼했습니다.


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