en Found a nice humped leather handle on Reverb.com

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0 on January 21, 2019

I keep checking out the the leather handles since I had some trouble with fender reissue.

two different leather handles from Fender. both don’t fit the old champ

the humped handle in the picture came from this company, Industrial Amps it looks very close to the original ones on fender tweed amps. but, the original seemed to have 3 layers. 

[udpate] it was 30 something dollars when I found it. and it’s now almost $50. 


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  • OnceMoonwalked February 19, 2019
    Beautiful piece of craftsmanship!


    • 59burst February 22, 2019
      but, the original had 3 layers. this one looks good and like the original. but still a bit different to it


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