two different leather handles from Fender. both don’t fit the old champ

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I bought this fender leather handle to replace my old one on ’59 champ. actually it was not replacing. the original handle broke to 3 pieces on a street few weeks ago. the tweed cabinet was fine without any harm. 

 I didn’t know there were 2 different handles for tweed amps at the moment what I got it. and I’m updating this post not to make people confused.

the handle I got was too short for the vintage tweed amps. I barely put it on my champ after extending the slots. the part # is 099-0945-000. 



found this too late. 003-6129-049.

but, it’s good to know fender has the right one for tweed amps

UPDATE – 003-6129-049 doesn’t fit the original champ either




I’m updating this post more than a few times. and, this handle is the one I put on my tweed champ without any trouble. and it works for tweed deluxe as well.

this one looks pretty much like the original, and it feels very firm with 2 ply structure while the original had 4 layers. maybe more than 4. but it looks like that.

I’d be stuck with this Jayco repro handle without trying 003-6129-049. it feels great and secure. all they are not the original. but handles are not the tone caps or tubes anyway.

and, this humped one looks good with the original 3 ply structure and shape.

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