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  • #ThrowbackThursday #WeAreAE

    게시: 팀 어쏘시에이티드 2018년 12월 6일 목요일

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  • another ’91 RPM shock tower for RC10

  • A while back, I made my own shock tower for ’91 RPM worlds with my friend. see this

    I got a couple of races with this the shock tower, and I noticed it was pretty cool.
    then, I asked to RC10talk forum member, Jay Dub if he could make more like this one ’cause I saw he made a very nice and precise RC10 front tower with his own design.

    and this one came here! thanks to Jay Dub


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  • Lohas wheels

  • will add more pics later















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  • great A&L info from Time Tunnel

  • got these nice and useful pictures and scanned images from the famous Time Tunnel guy, Tomoyuki Tanaka

    Time Tunnel (closed)
    new address is
    his blog

    thank you so much Tanaka !

















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  • A&L RC10 #1 parts III

  • put dyed RPM tranny and right tires for race. it’s close to the end except for the chassis stiffener




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  • RC10 A&L trailing arms project #1

  • I love A&L setup with their original graphite chassis. but failed to get one off ebay. then, I started this project. got a pair of arms, and another set of conversion kit. and finally got a NIB fiberglass kit. have enough bullets for building a few runners now

    there are few nice build pictures on the web. here are some nice examples

    David, AKA Asso_man!

    Tanaka, the famous Time Tunnel guy

    Rich, AKA RichieRich

    m_vice’s build with some nice ideas and custom parts

    my project was started with a of pair of arm which was taken from RCtech board. the arms have longer posts for A&L chassis as you can see. then got a converted RC10 from my friend Al. the arms are identical of course. only the differences are mounting posts and the plates



    I saved the arms with longer posts for my later complete A&L build. and made 2 slots to mount the conversion plates. actually the chassis was the first step of this project





    it looks pretty much finished. and I started to strip out the dyed and roughly cut shocks mounts

    I wasn’t sure if I could use the shock mounts when I got them. but they turned to be clean and white. then I drilled extra holes on the original tower to put the parts on the right places with modern 1.18 shock bodies and 1.02 shafts




    and I got this built and almost finished

    I can still use Turbo Mirage without cutting ’cause I put re-drilled original rear tower. even the wing tubes as well. I’ll try Protech and more later


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  • some nice action pics from race 23rd April

  • met a nice guy with a giant white lens at the track. I ran 2 RC10s with one body. and he sent me these nice pictures. thanks to my new RC buddy






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  • RC10 front shock tower for .89 shocks

  • it’s my main runner with the custom shock tower for .89 shock bodies and .71 shafts. it was designed by rc10talk forum member aeiou, Paul and made by Fibre-Lyte. actually it   was designed for .80 shaft. but I put .71 shafts and I believe my choice is right

    these epoxy towers were designed and made by Jay Dub who was Schumacher team driver at 90’s. I prefer epoxy than carbon fiber for some reasons. and this new tower is exactly what I want


    put .71 shaft too. and I’ll try .80 shaft later. I need to put 1.18 rear shocks with this setup. and will go to 1.32 rear shocks with .80 front shafts

    the top position is exactly same with stock shock towers and shocks. also it’s identical to B2/B3’s

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  • RC10 ’91 Worlds #2

  • got another set of RPM arms from ebay seller Jim. and put them on my custom worlds. maybe ’94 worlds shows better response on the track. but I can’t stop to run ’91 worlds. so I needed one more



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  • redesigned ’91 shock tower – phase II, actually final

  • new ’91 shock tower phase II

    sent my tower to a custom parts shop for duplicating with different materials a couple of weeks ago. and got the result today. the shape is pretty much close to my original


    update: they forgot to send me the original. and I got mine today. I still like mine than the towers from the shop. but their works was not that bad except for the nose brace holes



    found a minor problem with this tower from the machining shop. nose brace holes are not wide enough and need to be widen. Ok, I got a file here

    also it need to be trimmed like this

    and, here goes my final version of ’91 worlds




    it was like this 3 years ago. was still nice. but not much as today’s

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