Fender – Jensen speaker phase were reversed in 50’s tweed amps

I just tried 9V battery trick for 50’s Fender Champ and Deluxe. and the speaker wiring turned out being reversed. both of them still have the factory wiring.

And, both of them move backward (to the magnets) when they wired 9V + to the white wire, and – pole to the black wire.

They mostly say there is no absolute speaker phase unless they are in the same cabinet. at the same time, many people say the speaker cones move forward when they hooked up in the right direction with 9V battery.

Fortunately, 9V battery didn’t kill my 8″ Champ speaker, nor 12″ Deluxe speaker. but I’ve read some cases this trick killed their speakers.

I’m not sure with 50’s and 60’s Jensen speaker’s correct phase. but, I started to believe Fender hooked them up this way. I’ve seen only 2 cases. and will update if I come across a different case.


보통 9V 배터리를 스피커의 +, – 극에 맞게 연결하면 스피커 콘이 앞쪽 (마그넷의 반대방향)으로 움직인다고들 하는데, 50년대 펜더 챔프와 트위드 딜럭스는 그렇지 않습니다. 이 두 앰프는 흰색선에 +, 검정선에 -극을 연결하면 뒤로 (자석 쪽으로) 움직입니다. 앰프 두대가 반대로 연결되어 있을 확율은 낮아서요. 더 찾아볼 생각입니다.

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